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Employer Branding Sharing

For Qualcomm Meeting

Frank Xu

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Employer Branding Sharing

10 Trends for 2013
in Recruitment Marketing Can Kratos be helpful to your recruitment?
Gamification in recruitment Then, it is quite important to convey
the message like "work life balance" New Gadgets for Marketing Think about the "Jobs you maybe intersted" Mobile Recruitment Next Level Engagement Can Jobs be retail? Word of Mouth New Definition to passive candidates Rethink of your EVP Employer Branding Sharing You hear hundreds times of the term "Employer Brand" and you hear hundred times of the term
"EVP" as well, what's the difference? Employer Brand: It’s what people most associate with you as an employer. EVP: define what you most want people to associate with you as an employer. Employer Brand Management is to: ensure that employee communication and experience is consistent with your EVP Leadership interview Employee Focus Group Engagement Survey External candudate perception Global EVP You have your EVP ready and how to do the communication?
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