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Best Buy

No description

Berry Duan

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Best Buy

Weaknesses Price
Challenges from e-commerce
Poor customer service
Operating cost Brand Positioning Map
(Online Retailer) Creative Brief Results Campaign Wireframe 20,000 new app downloads.
In-store traffic increased by 15%.
Mobile engagement increased by 30%
Rewardzone sign-up increased by 20%
Timeline 2013 July May June Budget Planning Agenda Creative Brief
SWOT Analysis
Positioning Map
App Features
Digital Campaign
Predicted Results
Budget Estimate
Q&A Presenters:
Qi An, Berry Duan, Iris Li, Ye Li
2013.05.08 SWOT Analysis Strong market presence
Large consumer base
Loyalty Program
Geek Squad
Best Buy Mobile Stores Strengths Opportunities Positioning Map Problem Statement
In-store shopping experience
Decreasing in-store traffic and sales
What are we trying to accomplish?
What’s the opportunity?
What are the key challenges?
What does success look like?
Who are we trying to connect with? In-store experience enhanced by digital
Customer service improvement
Online growth potential Threats Continued growth of e-commerce
Failure in foreign countries (Asia and Europe)
Profit drop Brand Positioning Map
(Physical Store) Q&A App Features "It's Not About Price"
Digital Campaign Pre Campaign Twitter: sweepstakes (#notaboutprice)
Facebook Social Media Promotions Game Banner Ad Banner Ad BestBuy.com Premium Placements Design of the app and banner ads. May 11 May 13- May 19 App approval
Campaign promotions May 20 App launch
In-store promotion begins June 20 Metrics measurement
Campaign analysis Production Fee
App design and production: $ 90, 000
Print Billboard: $50,000
Per-launch social media banner Ad: $3,000
AllThingsDigital front page banner Ad: $50,000
Time Tech front page banner Ad: $50,000
TechCrunch front page banner Ad: $100,000
Total: $343,000 In-Store Experience http://www.empathica.com/infographic-us-consumer-usage-of-social-media-to-make-shopping-decisions/ http://multichannelmerchant.com/crosschannel/nearly-60-of-showroomers-head-to-amazon-17042013/ At the end of the campaign:
Thank You!
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