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No description

Karen Stuckmeyer

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of STARS!!!!

Twinkle twinkle little star....
How I wonder where you are...
Up above the world so high.....
Like a diamond in the sky......
A star's color tells you how hot it is.
Red stars are the coolest at 2,250C

What are the layers of the sun?
Corona : is the outer layer
Chromospere: is the mid layer
Photosphere: is the inner layer which gives off light energy
Core: is at the very center of the sun
What is a lightyear?
The distance light travels in one year. Did you know that Alpha Centauri, our closest star, is 4 light years away!!
What is a star?
A star is a gigantic ball of very hot gases that gives off electromagnetic radiation.
What makes stars bright?
The brightest stars give off the most energy......but size, temperature, and distance to the Earth also determine their brightness.
What are sunspots?
What is a solar flare?
An "erruption" in the chromosphere that send out electromagnetic waves into space.
Turn and talk to your shoulder partner. Tell your partner all the facts you know about stars. Write your facts on a notecard.
Here are the 10 brightest stars we can see from Earth.
Orange and Yellow like our sun are 5,500C
White & Blue are the hottest stars
Part of the Sun's photosphere that looks darker
because the area is cooler than the rest of the layer.
What is a Nebula?
New stars that form in a cloud of gas and dust.
What is a Supernova?
A gigantic explosion that occurs near the end of the life of some stars.
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