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Hudson's Bay Company

No description

Brian Lee

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Hudson's Bay Company

The Hudson's Bay Company Today We Will Be Learning About: 1 What Hudson Bay Is 2 Who Henry Hudson Is And The Main Focus For Today 3 The Hudson's Bay Company The Hudson Bay Second Largest Bay In The World 1 230 000 km2 James Bay Henry Hudson Discovered Hudson Bay in 1610 on his boat Discovery. English Explorer. His crew had a mutiny against him and left him to die. Hudson Bay Company What Is This Company? An English fur trading company that also sold goods to natives in Canada Once owned 15% of all of North America One of the oldest companies in the world The Beginnning So how did this awesome company come into existance, oh mighty wise one? Groseilliers left England June 5,1668 to explore possible trade in the Hudson Bay Learned from the Cree that Hudson Bay had a good supply of beaver Was founded by two explorers; Pierre-Esprit Radisson Médard des Groseilliers Founded their first fort; Fort Rupert, in 1668 History It's Official! On May 2,1670, England incorporated trading into Hudson Bay with a charter from Prince Charles II This charter gave HBC control over the Natives Trade which was called Rupert's Land. More History First HQ built by HBC was Fort Nelson in 1684 D'ilberville held all of HBC's outposts till 1713 but they were given back in the Treaty of Utretch the same year. This event was significant to the Company because they suffered economically. The HBC controlled most of the Fur Trade in the 19th century but they still had rivals In 1821 HBC merged with the North West Company. On November 19, 1869 the HBC sold Rupert's Land To Canada It's...Alive! When war broke out in Europe in 1680 France sent raids to the forts of the HBC This lead up to the "Battle Of Hudson Bay" in 1697 PAY ATTENTION! HBC is still in existance today but is probably known to you by reatil stores such as "The Bay" or "Zellers" The HBC went completely into retail in 1987 Why the HBC Is Important The HBC is important
to Canada because: Explored the wilderness of Canada Created a good relationship with Natives Sold Rupert's Land Created jobs Was the backbone of the early Canadian economy. HBC Let's Get Started! in the 17th century The company got their fur from their own trappers but the First Nation and Metis people as well.
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