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United States vs. The Bahamas

No description

Norman Bryant

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of United States vs. The Bahamas

The United States Government vs. The Bahamas Government
The United States vs. The Bahamas
Capital City
United States: Washington D.C
Land Facts
Total Area in Square Kilometers:
Chief executive of United States: President Barack Obama

Monarch Chief Executive of the Bahamas: Queen Elizabeth

Largest City:

United States: New York City

Bahamas: Nassau
The United States Motto
Compare & Contrast
United States
The Bahamas

Federal (Federation)


Constitutional Monarchy

Parliamentary Democracy
Bahamas: Nassau
Male Population: 152, 753,386
Female Population: 157,479,477
Male Population: 151,596
Female Population: 158,596
The Expectancy average age someone in the U.S. is expected to live to 78 years old and 73 in the Bahamas.
United States: 9,826,675 sq. km.
The Bahamas: 13,878 sq. km.
Total Area in Square Miles:
United States: 3,794,101 sq. mi.
Bahamas: 5,358 sq. mi.
The Bahamas Motto
Forward, Upward, Onward, Together
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