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Ghost Houses and Past Lives

By: Liat E and Isabella L

Liat Esquenazi

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Ghost Houses and Past Lives

by: Liat Esquwnazi and Isabella Lopez Haunted houses, ghosts and past lives Cartagena is one of the cities of our country where many fantastic and ghost stories take place. Cartagena Ghost around the world India Is called acheri. is the ghost of a girld who comes in the nights to the villages and make childrens sick. Japan Buruburu, or "the ghost of fear" live in the darks forest and have the shape of an old man or a lady without face and kill people fear. "Noisy ghost" or Poltergeist, is when a person dies in a terrible way and their ghost stays angry after his dead. Germany The Muslim word Zar is a ghost who makes wife’s crazy. Russia *This ghost known as domoviks live behimd the cooker.
*Russalka is a ghost of a woman who dies in water. Past lives Virginia Tighe claimed to be the incarnation of an Irish woman named Bridey Murphy Shanti Devi: When Shanti was 4 years old she start talking about her husband and kids The pollock childrens: Hounted houses The house became famous because many strange things happened there.. In 1939 the house was destroyed in a fire, many people began to talk that the strange things than now are happening in borley church The Brown Lady is a ghost is named because of the brown dress it is claimed she wears. It became one of the most famous picture of a ghost when the image of the 'Brown Lady' was captured by photographers from Country Life magazine. thank you
Jacqueline 6 and Joanna 11 died when a car had knocked them down when they were on the way to Church, one year later Florence (the mom) gave birth to two twins Gillian and Jennifer. The strange thing is that the new twins has many things in comun with the twins that die before.
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