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Dead Zones

No description

Oindril Dutta

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Dead Zones

Table of Contents
Dead Zones -By Oindril Dutta

Ms. Nolan, P-6

May 3rd, 2010 What? Dead Zones = marine ecosystems under stress

Dead Zones = lakes, seas, coasts & gulfs

"Dead" because support no life

No life because not enough O2

Condition called "Hypoxic"

Example: Gulf Of Mexico

I-Farming Increased farming using bio- products like:


Pesticides- How? Dead Zones caused by algae blooms dying

Algae blooms= Rapid increase of phytoplankton

Algae Blooms form due to:
Right climate = Summer, High rain, No Wind
Temperature & Density Layering
Nitrogen & phosperous nutrients


No Winds:

High Rains:
Strong sunlight gives algae energy
Reason for Dead Zones Peak at Summer Wind encourages mixing mississippi and Mexico Water Rainfall over Missipi river increase Nutrient run-off Layering Nutrition Intensive farming Factory Waste Thank You 2 Types of Layering


Temperature: Water with salt = dense = sink
Water without salt = less dense = float
2 Diffrent types do not mix Water cold = dense = sink
Water hot = less dense = float
2 Diffrent types do not mix It Comes from the following: (Intensive Farming) Increases plant growth.
Contains nutrients for algae growth F-Waste (Factory waste) Works Cited http://disc.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/oceancolor/additional/science-focus/ocean-color/dead_zones.shtml
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_zone_(ecology I-Farming continued Fertilizer & pesticides dumped into river

Transported by river - large bayou. i.e- Mississippi river

Fertilizer & Pesticides help algae grow

Algae use oxygen - make ATP

Algae die, bacteria use oxygen

Dead Zone forms Kills insects harming plants
Contains nutrients for algae growth

Has nutrient for Phytoplankton growth

Dumped into rivers i.e- Mississippi river

Goes into bayou i.e- Gulf of Mexico

phytoplankton use oxygen and nutrients of Gulf

Algae die, bacteria uses oxygen - Decompose

Dead Zone Effects Why Care?
Dead zones = bayou without oxygen

Oxygen required to live

Therefore fish move away / die

Animals which cannot move die i.e- cnidarians

Destroy's Fishing industry- 2.8 billion

Maintenance of dead zone = Inflation

Increases agricultural product prices.

Fishing Industry Maintenance No fish = no fishing

No fishing = no income

No income = no survival of company

No survial of company = No company

Above possible on Mexico Gulf fishing Keeping fishing industry alive = Maintaining

Maintain = using money

Getting money = asking farmers

Farmers making money = inflation

Infaltion = Us paying more Solutions S . 1- Lowering the usage of chemicals

S. 2- putting filter on entrance of bayou

Chemicals Filter Fertilizer and pesticides usage lowered

lowers dead zone effectiveness

lowers costs for maintenance

lowers inflation
Soultion 1 : Soultion 2 : High efficency for cleaning wastage

Significantly lowers Dead Zone

Significantly lowers cost for maintenance

Significantly lowers Inflation
Conclusion What = Marine enviroments under stress
How / Why= Climate, Layering, Nutrition
Nutrition = Intensive farming / Factory waste
Effects = Kills marine organs
Care? = Destroys fising industry/ Inflation
Solutions= Lower chemicals / Install filter
Chemicals = Lowers everything a little
Filter= Lowers everything significantly

Dead Zones: Conclusion : Briefly describes everything
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