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Digital Character Animation for TV, Film, Commercials, Education

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Jonathan Wu

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Digital Character Animation for TV, Film, Commercials, Education

Characters can have the most bizarre effects and characteristics and can be put into conceptual/ impossible environments without
having to worry about the logistics Character Animation Jonathan Wu, Jake Kim, Hanna No, Jessica Chung Let's Get Started! Character Animation for Film bringing animated characters to life Character animation creating the illusion of thought, emotion and personality often distinguished from creature animation, which involves bringing photo-realistic animals and creatures to life. 12 Basic Principles of Animation Frank Thomas Ollie Johnston 1. SQUASH AND STRETCH First Character animation - Winsor McCay's Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) Another Character animation - Otto Messmer Felix the Cat (1920) Squash Animation Walt Disney 1930s Three Little Pigs
Snow White
Seven Dwarfs
Dumbo First full length animated and musical feature - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Character Animation
in Commercials Stretch Animation 2. ANTICIPATION 3. STAGING 4. STRAIGHT AHEAD
OVERLAPPING ACTION 6. SLOW-OUT AND SLOW-IN Three-part program 7. ARCS 8. SECONDARY ACTION Part one covers from the silent era through the thirties 9. TIMING explore animation's origins and development from Winsor McCay's seminal Gertie the Dinosaur, through Felix the Cat in Sure-Locked Homes and Three Little Pigs, Walt Disney's breakthrough film, to an excerpt from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a showpiece of character animation in which seven characters who look alike demonstrate their different personalities through the way they move. 10. EXAGGERATION Part two 11. SOLID DRAWING chronicles the post-war years focus primarily on the work of the artists at the Warner Brothers and MGM studios, and how they applied the principles the Disney animators had discovered to a wilder, more exaggerated style of comedy. Highlights include: Duck Amuck, in which Daffy struggles on a blank screen; Tom and Jerry in The Cat Concerto; Chuck Jones's uproarious A Bear for Punishment, and Gene Kelly's dance with a cartoon sea serpent from Invitation to the Dance. Part three 12. APPEAL entitled "After the Studios," surveys the more recent developments in character animation, and examines how its principles have been adapted to new styles and media, including computer animation. Films include Rooty-Toot-

Toot from UPA, John and Faith Hubley's Tender Game, clips from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and The Little MermairL plus a selection of commercials and advertising films Q: What was the First
feature-length animated film? A:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(December 1937) Walt Disney's First feature-length
animated film Advertisements are made with the help of 2D, 3D, and clay character animation So, why do commercials use character animation? Saves Money Saves Time It is actually cheaper to create an animation commercial than it would cost to create a live production.
Hiring a celebrity and the entire team will cost a lot more money compared to an animated character(s) Directing a cast and post production takes a lot longer than controlling an animated character No Limitations Q:What was the First
Computer-animated film? A:
Toy Story
(November 1995) They become the face
of the brands - By creating a character that matches the characteristics of the brand, it gives the brand a fresh look and promotes a new medium of communication
- The character becomes recognizable and people will start to associate it with the brand First computer animated feature film Highest grossing film
-$192 million domestically
-$362 million worldwide Consistency - Celebrity popularity is always up and down. Once the popularity of the celebrity used for a commercial burns out, so does the relevance of the commercial. - No worries about who to cast for the next ad 2D characters vs. 3D characters It's Unique Celebrities tend get associated with too many products making it difficult to relate them with one particular brand.

"With celebrities endorsing a number of brands, viewers are not much convinced" (Sharath Shankar)

"The strength of mascots lies in effectively communicating the ethos of the brand and registering in the minds of consumers" (Mr. Chakroborty) It's Eye-Catching Sometimes, watching commercials that combine character animations and live environments or actors are more interesting than a plain old live action commercial Laika - Oregon Passion - New York Blur - Venice, CA Psyop - Venice, CA Bonus Question! How many animated feature films
has Pixar produced? M&M Frosted Mini Wheats Honey Nut Cheerios Reynolds
Wrap Nike Toyota Prius A:
12 Animated feature films Goldfish Crackers Planters Peanut Coca Cola Beck's Sappire Toucan Sam
Fruit Loops Kool Aid Man Michelin
Man Mr Bluelight
Kmart Thank You!!!! 3. STAGING
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