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Advertising Claims

Weasel Words, Unfinished Claim, Unique Claim, Rhetorical Claim

Nikki Norris

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Advertising Claims


Weasel Words
Words that seem important...
but actually are meaningless.
Words meant to decieve
The Unfinished Claim
A comparison without
something to compare it to.
This battery has more power.
More power than WHAT?
A turtle?
An ant?
Another battery? Which one?
The Unique Claim
Our product is the only one to have _____.
Does the _____ actually make the product
better than the others? We don't know! But it
sounds good.
The rhetorical claim
A rhetorical question is a question that
does not require an answer.
A rhetorical claim is simply a rhetorical question. Does
the answer have anything to do with the product?
In this commercial, what is the unique claim?
What does it say that ONLY this lipstick has?
Answer: Power Hold Pigments.
Think carefully as you
watch this commercial. What
weasel words do you hear?
Pale/glowing: How is pale measured? What
is glowing? Why is one better than the other?
Natural: What does this mean? Who measures natural?
Looks: Just because something LOOKS, doesn't mean it IS.
Safer than what?
What do they want you to think?
Do you want to drive a safe car?
Are you happy with the shape you're in?
Is your family safe?
Just for fun...
my personal favorite
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