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Supporting Details - Essay Writing

Effective essays require supporting details that are varied and thoughtful.

Lynette Surie

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Supporting Details - Essay Writing

float only if their details bear weight. Essays A real solid base of supporting details allows the essay to stand out. Support Personal observations & experiences Statistics Facts and Opinions Facts should directly support the topic sentence or controlling idea, not bring up other issues. Use facts from reliable sources that readers will recognize and respect. Sometimes the "I" is okay. Keep your stories really relevant to avoid falling into the realm of "pointless conjecture" Make sure that the items being counted are clearly defined. Examples Testimony (quotations) Every paragraph adds weight to your main point; Support your thesis with adequate & relevant details; Build paragraphs with varied types of support; Explain/show how the support connects. Use facts to balance personal observations and examples to add credibility to your opinions. Use statistics from reliable government sources, such as academic institutions, respected writers, or major magazines. Make sure that you present enough statistics. Consider alternative interpretations of statistics. Avoid using quotations from famous people: Make sure that you quote people accurately. Place direct quotations in quotation marks. Do not take quotations out of context. If needed, explain who you are quoting. Make sure that your examples are not exceptions. Use examples that readers will recognize. Provide more than one example, if possible. THESIS Remember Because each type of support has strengths and weaknesses, writers often use more than one type in a paragraph to provide evidence for a topic sentence. Many types of support populate good essays. BLEND Ask yourself: “Does this support my controlling idea?” Unless details directly support the topic sentence, they do not belong in the paragraph. Paragraphs must have clearly stated controlling ideas. Topic sentences must be supported with facts, statistics, personal observations and experiences, and/or testimony. Avoid simply restating the topic sentence. Details should directly support the topic sentence, not introduce new or irrelevant ideas. Depending on the type of essay, your personal observations may or may not be proper. Famous ≠ Correct ≠ Important "I know a guy who..."
"My friend's cousin's barber..."
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