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Progress Monitoring and Standards Based Instruction

NSTA San Antonio 2013 Presentation

Amy Elliott

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Progress Monitoring and Standards Based Instruction

Progress Monitoring
Instruction Data Driven
Assessments Objectives of FA Student Centered
Approach Teacher data collection
Teacher instruction modifications
*Student data collection
*Student self monitoring
*Student focus modifications Can your students tell you:

what they have learned?
what they should know by the end of the unit?
where they need extra help?
that they are confident in the material?
what they need to study? Quizdom Socrative eClicker Q: How do we give both our students and ourselves
opportunities for success and growth? How can our students track their progress and focus on their weaknesses? Formative assessments
Learning target tracking
Self assessment
Aknowledgement of strengths/weaknesses How do we track progress throughout the unit? Multiple assessments
Repetition of learning targets addressed
Addition of other learning targets
Reflection of new strengths/weaknesses How do Teachers track student and class progress in order to modify their instruction appropriately? Amy Kathleen Elliott Lakes Community High School
Lake Villa, Illinois

Please feel free to email me for templates, questions and suggestions!

aelliott@lakeseagles.com A: Data Driven Formative Assessments Teach students how to self assess and self advocateCollect authentic measurements of student achievementMake student learning targets clear and connected to assessmentsUse repetition to emphasize learning targets and measure growth Polleverywhere.com Topics of conversation: - takes some instructional time
- simple way to graph data?
- developing authentic assessments
- differentiating assessment
- teaching students HOW to study
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