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Lightning Theif


Cameron Crabtree

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Lightning Theif

It all starts out in the
Capture the Flag Battle Percy is Upset he gets put on
Defense The Whole other teams comes to attack him
10 to 1 Percy Falls in the water
then he gets realy strong and he knocks down every one. Luke Captures the flag and wins the Game! Hell Hounds appear after the Capture the Flag Game Percy's Father apears and he finds out his father is
Poseiden. Chapter 8-10 Percy is Moved to
Cabin 3 and all by himself News Paper says Percy
and his mom are
missing after freak
car acident Percy had another one of his scary dreams again Percy is nervous that he is going to be punished for being poseidens son Percy is summoned to
the big house
and he
knows that Poseiden
and Zeus are fighting Percy has to see the
Oracle He wants a quest so he
can try to find his
Mother Zeus says Percy stole
his lightning bolt. Upset that Zeus has acused
him Go's and see's the
oracle Oracle says he will retrive
what has been stolen They belive that Hades sent a minion to steal it not Percy They decide that Anabeth, Grover, and Percy will go on the quest together. When they go to the bus the furies attack the bus and the bus go's boom The lightning theif
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