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No description

Jennifer Eskridge

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of FAIRBIKES

is a bike share service where people can pick up a bike at any bike sharing station in the network and return it to any sharing station.

Becoming a member is easy and once you're a member, the first 30 minutes of each ride is part of your subscription, you pay an additional fee for every 30 minute period thereafter.

● Greater Mobility
● Increased Downtown Commerce
● Local Economic Stimulus
● Transportation Options for Visitors
● Budget Friendly Options
● More Parking
● Transportation for Students
● To Avoid Summer Road Construction
● Better Air Quality
● Healthy Lifestyles Choices

: Fun
& You had Ideas about how to make it better both, right away and in the future
You said "
Cool Idea

Why ride a
bike when I have a
bike already ?
How much
does it cost to use
How do you
keep the
wandering off?
I'll know if there is a

where I want one?
Will I have to return the bike to the same
Sharing Station
That I

The console is powered by a solar panel on the back of the bike and is connected to a bike lock that can tell when it is attached to a proper rack.

To rent a bike, customers would swipe a credit card and follow instructions on the touch-screen. Bikes can be picked up and returned at a number of locations around the city.
Yup, bikes will be secured at strategically located bike racks throughout the community.

A mobile phone app will allow people to see where bikes are available.

When a rider is done with a bike, they simply return it to one of the racks throughout the area and lock it back up.

The transaction is fully automated, just swipe your card, and off you go
all the
of riding a bike, none of the responsibility. Return it to any
Sharing Station
in town.
The adjustable seat
four-foot-eight to
I subscribe to
, it is like the "

bike shares
We suggested

So we asked you, what does Fairbanks want?
You also had a few questions ...
Each FAIRBIKES bicycle has its own GPS, accelerometer, smartphone tech, and a handlebar keypad — all powered by a solar panel. This is how you are able to find out where bikes are when you want one and we can find one if it wanders off.
I am pretty tall, will a
bike fit me?
Do I have to wear a helmet?

Where will
I get a
helmet ?
The law in Alaska says
Not Always
but WE
always encourage
you to protect your
How do I Subscribe to
You can purchase a membership now via Indiegogo.com and search
FairBikes - Fun You Can Feel Good About!
If you are interested in Bulk purchases
What Makes
Bike Sharing
Good for Fairbanks ?
It offers:
• Short-term bicycle access,  
• Targets daily mobility
• Bicycle reservations, pick-up, and drop-off are all self-service

& We are

What does that mean,

MAC Transit
• Shared Stops lets user take bike to work in morning, return to same station in evening

• Because of our Hybrid Lock this option can expand to destinations without bikeshare stations

• Reduces Transfers for Ridership

Looking Forward Could Include:

Common Farecard: Allowing seamless transfers between transit / bikeshare

• Common ‘branding’ in the future for stops, maps, and timetables supports both, locals and visitors in gaining greater access to our community as a whole.

• FNSB and FAIRBIKES Apps can work together

• As can Maps

Bicycle Enthusiasts, Fund Development Consultants, and Social Entrepreneurs.
Collaboratively, they have raised over $27 million dollars benefiting public programs throughout Alaska and combined have nearly 40 years of experience in business and non-profit management.

Why us? Who are we?
Why are we launching
Jennifer & John
Annual Membership: $75

Unlimited 30 minute trips - no additional charges
(Timer resets when you dock/lock your bicycle.)

Avoid incurring usage fees by returning your bike to any FAIRBIKES within 30 minutes.

Next 30 mins: 2.00 2nd 30 mins: 4.00

Hourly, weekly, and monthly passes are also available for casual users.

Annual Memberships are ideal for Fairbanks residents, people working downtown, and commuters. You can purchase an Annual Membership online using a credit or debit card.
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