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RSO Chapter 1: Signature Responsibility

No description

UMass Amherst

on 25 May 2018

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Transcript of RSO Chapter 1: Signature Responsibility

Signature Responsibility is the role that enables you to conduct business
on behalf of your RSO through UMass.

Undergraduate RSO officers with SR authorize all financial and other commitments for their group.
Continue lessons in the
RSO Financial Training

...You'll come out on top!
Who should have SR?
Two officers from your group
must have SR, including the Treasurer or Financial Officer.
To Earn SR...
You must complete this
RSO Financial Training, which means to pass all the quizzes and complete the Final Assignment successfully.
SR expires!
Because policies and procedures change on a continual basis, SR expires every Spring and must be renewed by passing the RSO Financial Training course again at the beginning of every new school year.
Be a full-time UMass undergraduate in good standing
Understand + agree to University policies + procedures
Communicate relevant info to group members
Ensure financial transactions are appropriate + adequate records are kept
Review + verify account in Summit monthly (or more)
Allow enough time to plan for events
benefits of being an RSO
Recognition by UMass, use of UMass name

Access to use of campus facilities

Access to funding from SGA and the MinuteFund

Waiver or discount of designated fees

Ability to reserve space and equipment

Exemption from Mass sales tax on RSO purchases

Free access to tables in Campus Center

Assistance from SAI and SEBC
SGA Ways & Means Committee
Allocates annual budgets for RSO's based on set criteria
RSO budget process instructions are available on Campus Pulse & in Chapter 8 of this training
Budgets need to be submitted on Campus Pulse
Attend a budget workshop for more information and training!
SGA Emergency Funds
The SGA Finance Committee was established to provide assistance to RSOs that experience unexpected costs during the academic year
Committee accepts proposals for extra funding
Reviews requests and prioritizes those that best serve UMass students
RSOs can create a request via Campus Pulse budget tool
Keeping good financial and administrative records is very important!

As SR, you should be able to answer:
What is my RSO budget?
How much has the RSO spent or committed?
Will there be sufficient funds in the RSO accounts for upcoming events?
Have bills been paid and transfers accounted for?
Are our expenses accurate and appropriate to our mission?
SUMMIT is the University's web-based financial reporting tool

Those who had access last year will be automatically renewed and those who registered on Campus Pulse as SR before the end of last semester will be enrolled over the summer
What is SR?
Signature Responsibility
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