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What is stress? explain how stress can be both positive and

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Crystal Smith

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of What is stress? explain how stress can be both positive and

Chapter 3 Section 1-4
Chapter 3
Section 2
1. What is stress? explain how stress can be both positive and negative
Section 1
Stress is the response of you body and mind being challenged to threatened. You experience stress when situations,events,or people make demands on your body and mind .
2. When do people experience stress ?
You experience stress when situations, events,or people make demands on your body and mind .
3. What is meant by the term stressor ?
An Event or situation that causes stress ,fore types of general stressors are major life changes,catastrophes,everyday problems and environmental problem .
4.List the four general types of stressors and give an example of each of the type?

Life changes, catastrophes, everyday problems, and environmental problems.
1.What are the three stages of stress response? in what order do they occur
Alarm stage, resistance, and exhaustion
2. Why is the body's response during the first stage of stress called the FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT-RESONSE
They prepare your self to fight or take flight and escape.
3.Describe four ways that you can recognize when you are under stress
Your breathing increase, head aches, lowered resistance to disease and stomach aches.
4. What is the relationship between strees and illness
Stress can trigger illnesses, reduce the body's ability to fight illness, and make some disease arder to control.
Section 1-4
5. List five stressful experiences that you have faced in the past few weeks.Next to each, note whether it was a positive or negative experience for you.
5.Why is it important to identify signs to stress early ?
stress can be iden
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