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hamza rasslan

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Container for Urban Living / Atelier Riri

• Architects Atelier Riri • Office Profile
• Location Indonesia
• Area 155.0 sqm
• Project Year 2014
Project Directors Novriansyah Yakub
• Contractor ASKALA Indonesia

From the architect. In the land area of 150 sqm Atelier Riri was challenged by their colleagues to design a home by using reused containers. Atelier Riri accept the challenge

The house is located in Bekasi, a suburb near the big city of Jakarta. Homes for young married couples with 2 children. Besides the basic needs, in addition to gather the family as an habitable space, the owners also wants to add a hobby room as an activity area for kids and their parents.

This home consists of 4 containers installed overlapped and crosswise. These containers are deliberately functionalized for secondary needs as a hobby room, mostly because the space is spatial limited and thermal comfort is still below the average, although actually the container space has made several additional layers on the roof to lower down the temperature. This include installing the wiremesh as plant propagation and glasswool in the ceiling lambersiring pine wood
In continuation of the overall design theme, the home features materials that are reclaimed as well as design approaches to reduce the use of materials. Pine wood used throughout this home consists of reclaimed timber from recycled pallets, flooring consists primarily of polished concrete while a brick wall is just painted over in order to reduce the use of cement. Bringing all these elements together has created a look both unique and most importantly fits perfectly with the overall design.

Container for Urban Living / Atelier Riri
When we hear of the phrases urban living or urban lifestyle, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a home designed with a modern contemporary style with a chic and stylish interior design. Checking out this project located in the suburb of Bekasi close to the metropolitan city of Jakarta has indeed widened our view on the possibilities of an urban living home. Designed by the Atelier Riri team, the first thing that captures the attention is the incorporation of reused shipping containers in the overall design of this house.
While houses designed using shipping containers is not exactly something new, its use in the design of houses in South East Asia is not something that has really caught on. A variety of factors from perception to climate conditions in the region plays a role in the general lack of utilization of these old containers. But it is this element which really differentiates and creates an interesting element in the design of this house.

With 4 containers used in an overlapping and crosswise placement, these containers help extend more space to the front. The interior created consists of more secondary spaces utilized for areas such as a hobby room. The reason for this is a simple one, the relative comfort within the spaces is still lower in comparison with a traditionally built brick extension due to the heat generated within in the day time. Additional layers have already been added to the roof of the container to help lower down the heat within through the installation of wiremesh to allow plant to grow as well as glasswool inside the lovely pine wood ceiling.
Taking this into consideration, these containers are also designed to be able to open out and allow greater circulation within helping to effectively reduce the warmth within. A large void space is designed with walkways and while adding to the overall perception of space, also plays a role and allows the warmer air to gather in a specific space as the occupants move around walking on the interconnecting walkways within the home.

To continue the spirit of reuse of materials, all wood materials using the used pine wood pallet. Metal plate are arranged to form a connection between the container frame and the door. Some are also approach for reduce materials, such as floors which made from polished concrete, unfinished wood furniture, as well as the brick wall which only painted to reduce the use of cement.

The roof garden is also use as an extended space near space containers.
We strongly believe that this house will be a new definition of contemporary tropical homes in Indonesia.

Atelier Riri
- (Riri) in jakarta, Indonesia. As an architect, Riri begin his practice since 2005 in design for architectural, interior, landscape, and product design. Atelier riri focuses on eco-design practice within uniquely and contemporary solving.
Ecodesign is an approach to designingproducts with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle. In a life cycle assessment, the life cycle of a product is usually divided into procurement, manufacture, use, and disposal.

Some of the architect's WORKS:
- Breathing House
- Lumber Shaped-Box House
- Catch The View House
- Sandar House
- Kiri's House

The circulation of people inside the house were made continues to explore every space that can be more fun for the occupants. Stairs and ramps was made to reach every floor and part of the house that divided by a large void in the middle of the house. We also made additional space using a wooden deck on top of the roof.
This space can be a room to gather family while enjoying the fresh air in the morning or noon.

The house is located in Bekasi, a suburb near the big city of Jakarta. Homes for young married couples with 2 children. Besides the basic needs, in addition to gather the family as an habitable space, the owners also wants to add a hobby room as an activity area for kids and their parents.
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