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English 1010 Final Project

No description

Hallie Davis

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of English 1010 Final Project

English 1010 Final Project
Southern Hospitality
In the south, like in my papers, we are very big on family, food, and religion
Southern Sundays
4th of July
When my family and I celebrate the 4th of July we do it big and bold, and we do it from sun rise to sun set.
- Hospitality is very different in many cultures, but today I am going to focus on hospitality in the USA, United States of American, and the UAE, United Arab Emirates.
Southern Hospitality History
There is a distinct history behind southern hospitality. The southern part of the US is also known as the Bible Belt. This means that this part of the US is very religious in the form of Christianity, and that they follow and base their actions on God`s word, the Bible.
We start with the sparklers and one of the 10 water melons that we always bring, and then later on when the sun sets the fireworks starts we all sit and begin to stare. While we sit together and are overcome by the fireworks, all I can think about is the scene in the sandlot where they are on the field at night because that is the only night of the year that they can play, but are so amazed by the lights that they quit playing and just take it all in.
- Southern Sunday
- 4th of July
- Southern Hospitality

Sundays are days where my family gets to enjoy each other`s company whether it be in church, socializing with family or friends, or even a meal where we can just sit down together and talk.
Abdulla Alnuaimi
- both offer food
- both welcome guests into home
- guests are welcome to stay as long as they would like

- They wear a white cloth called a Kandora
- our guests usually bring a gift or food almost everytime
Hospitality is described as the relationship between a guest and a host, where the host receives the guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.
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