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The Aversion Project

No description

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Aversion Project

The Aversion Project
By: Karen Malaga, Zhanna Minasyan,
and Jenesis Harper

The Purpose
It was designed to try and forcefully alter the sexual preferences in the homosexual male or female to become heterosexual
Many of the around 900 people that were tested in this experiment were young aged adults 16- 24, and mainly white males that were drafted into this army
Colonel Aubrey Levin believed that sex- changes and forced abuse as forms of therapy would alter the preference of homosexuality to later become heterosexual
Even after numerous studies, people still believe that homosexuality is a disease, and that it can be cured through different forms of therapy and treatment
Why It Was Unethical
The abuse and torture, physical and mental that the military used against the homosexuals was wrong
They did not take into consideration the aftermath of their testing and mutilation
The mental and physical scaring put onto the homosexuals later lead some to thoughts and actions of suicide for overall confusion
The Aversion Project was an experiment conducted on homosexual men and women in the South African army during the Apartheid Era, lasting from around 1971- 1989
What is the Aversion Project?
Different techniques were used to torture or “cure” the troops into their forced sexuality, such as: chemical castration, electric shock, drugs, aversion shock therapy, hormone treatments, or a brutal sex- change operation
What Happened
Colonel Aubrey Levin or “Dr. Shock”, former chief psychiatrist at the Voortrekkerhoogte military hospital where most of the experiment’s abuse took place, over sought the experiment with other members of the Apartheid army and psychiatrists
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