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Career Presentation

I would like to focus on a career in photography. Anything would work from magazine pictures to nature photos.

Melissa Hulstrom

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Career Presentation

PHOTOGRAPHER Average Salary Website http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&biw=1020&bih=558&gbv=2&tbs=isch%3A1&sa=1&q=Nature+Pictures&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq= or small and descriptive
pictures. http://www.scad.edu/photography/index.cfm# Wedding - $37,510 Nature - $33, 136 http://www.scad.edu/atlanta/ Savannah College of
Art & Design Wedding Photogrpahy Nature Photography I would be focusing on
either landscape.... This college would offer me both nature and wedding photography focusing.
Located in Atlanta, Georgia. I want to pursue both so that I can raise my salary. I am more interested in this than
nature photography. $30,510 - $30,960 yearly I would like to try for this
career because I often enjoy taking pictures and I always try for perfection. I am not looking for a high
school that focuses on this
topic or offers these courses. To complete a nature photography career, I would have to wake up early. This is required because there is less wind to shake the camera in the morning. There are also less people out to cause distractions. I would most likely be selling my photos to newspaper articles, magazines, and other sources. Wedding photography
would require being able to attend weddings at any time of the day. Either late at night, mid-day, or early in the morning. Outlook In CO Stable.
Annual growth rate is estimated to be 12%.
Currently, there are about 80 job openings.
Average growth. Basic Skills Reading comprehension
Active listening
Critical thinking
Active learning
Learning strategies
Monitoring Transferable Skills Creating photographic and motion picture images
Developing and printing film
Operating audio-visual equipment
Workplace Skills Persuasion https://secure.collegeincolorado.org/Career_Planning/Career_Profile/Career_Profile.aspx?id=NkKcXAP2BPAX1L1LPcXAP2FPAXXAP2FPAXXvYthXAP2FPAXPBAXAP3DPAXXAP3DPAX&screen=3 In My Opinion There are many reasons that photography is a good career for me. I work well with technology and can edit my photos and I already know how to remove flaws and add sharper details. I am slightly artistic (when it comes to certain art) and very realistic. I also believe in achievement for practically everything. These are the skills that I would need for this career. The only reason I would want to be both a nature and wedding photographer is because of the salary. I need the money to make a future living as does everyone. Another reason I want to pursue this job is because it does not include math skills or writing skills and these are not my strongest points.

Some of the personality traits that I have for photography are buttoned down which is everything has to be perfect. I will make all pictures look amazing and have no flaws. I am also caring, competitive, understanding, and down to earth. These are a few traits that I need for this career. I'm caring so I won't damage anything, especially at weddings. I am understanding which means if I were to work for a company I would not deny my boss and work well with other employees. A disadvantage to this career for me is that I do not have a large amount patience. All in all though, these are the reasons and personality traits I have to complete the job of photography whether it is nature or wedding.
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