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No description

Morgan Kemerling

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Delphinus

Delphinus -The Dolphin Vulpeca Sagitta Aquila Equuleus Star Sualocin Rotanev Gamma Delphini Delta Delphini Apparent Magnitude 3.77 3.63 4.26 5.15 4.43 Type of Star dwarf subgiant Distance from Earth In Light Years Color Temperature 240 light years 97 light years 101 light years 203 light years According to the first myth of Delphinus, the Greek God Poseidon wished to marry Amphitrite, a beautiful mermaid. She did not want to marry him so she fled to the Atlas mountains. Poseidon sent out many searchers, including Delphinus. Delphinus found her and was able to persuade Amphitrite to give in to Poseidon's begging. The god wanted to thank Delphinus so he put his image among the stars. Mythology The second myth tells a story of a poet named Arion of Lesbos.
Arion had gained a fortune while traveling to Sicily and Italy. On
his way home, the crew of his ship conspired against him in
order to get his wealth. As his last wish, Arion wanted to sing a
song. While he sang he jumped overboard where a dolphin,
charmed by his music, awaited to take him safely to shore. Delphinus is best seen in late summer and early fall (September)in the Northern Hemisphere around 9:00pm. subgiant Bluish- white 11,000 Kelvin 7,000 Kelvin Gamma 1- white Gamma 2-
yellow orange Gamma 1- 6,060 Kelvin Gamma 2- 4,700 Kelvin (Double star) subgiant 6,500 Kelvin Yellow- white Yellow-white giant 3.63 3.77 4.43 4.26 5.15
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