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Maria Vassilakou_Velo-city 2012 Vancouver_"The Sound of Cycling - Urban Cycling Cultures"

Keynote lecture by Maria Vassilakou; Deputy Mayor of Vienna, Austria. At Velo-city 2012 Vancouver, Canada. Plenary Session "Cities in Motion"; 27th June 2012.

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Maria Vassilakou_Velo-city 2012 Vancouver_"The Sound of Cycling - Urban Cycling Cultures"

Seamless & intermodal mobility
A Good City
Responsible growth
A place for young & old
Cycling and the new mobility culture
Challenges for cycling in Vienna
Vienna Cycling Support: Infrastructure
5 %
10 %
A place where people want to live, especially families with children.
walking 28% (+- 0%)
cycling 6% (+ 1%)
public transport 37% (+ 1%)
passenger cars 29% (-2%)
Vienna's Integrated mobility strategy
affordable public transport
parking space rationing &
new mobility concepts
cycling support
masterplan walking
Doubling of Cycling in Vienna
car culture / commuters
Close infrastructure gaps
Vienna Cycling agency
Increase public engagement
Vienna Cycling House
Mainstreaming Cycling
2013: A Special Year of Cycling
A Catalyst for Cycling in Vienna
indoor parking
Modal shares, 2011 (2010)
The Sound of Cycling - Urban Cycling Cultures
Maria Vassilakou
Deputy Mayor and Executive City Councillor, City of Vienna
street space
"Whenever I see a human on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race."

Cycling Cultures and Diversity
Interaction, inspiration & participation
Making Friends into Lovers
Vienna Cycling Support: Public awareness
"Fahrrad Wien" Brand
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