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Excretory and Nervous System

My Science Project

Ryan Brockette

on 13 February 2012

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Transcript of Excretory and Nervous System

Excretory and Nervous
System Nervous System Thank you for your attention! Diagram of the Nervous System To collect and remove waste from the body. This system works with many other systems to get
the job done. For example...
This system works with the Respiratory system when the lungs also release carbon dioxide as well as take in oxygen.
The Excretory system works with the digestive system when solid waste exits through the anus.
It also works with the integumentary (skin) system because sweat is released through the skin. Function Diagram of Body System How this system works
with others. Urethra Liver: produces a
liquid called urea
and breaks down
Kidneys: Eliminate urea,
excess water, and some
other waste materials. Urinary Bladder:
Stores urine Lungs: eliminate Carbon
Dioxide and other gases. Function of the Nervous
system Sends nerve impulses through the nerves throughout the body to tell the body what is going on. Excretory System Brain: The part of the
Central Nervous System
that is located in the skull
and controls most of the
functions of the body. Spinal Cord: A thick column
of nerve tissue that links the
brain to most of thenerves in
the peripheral nervous system. Nerve: A cluster of nerve
fibers that nerouns are
sent throughto send
nerve impulses How this system works
with other body systems This system interacts with many
other systems. For example:
The nervous system works with
the muscular system because the brain tells
the muscles what to do.
This system also works with the endocrine
system because it helps tell you how to feel about
the stimuli.
This system works with the respiratory system
because your nerve impulses tell you when you are
out of breath and need more oxygen. Trivia Excretory system:
1. Without this system waste would pile
up in your body and you would die.
2. Most of the organs in this system assist
other systems.
3. There is a mini excretory system in pretty much every other system.
4. The excretory system is one of the smallest systems. (in ways that they are spreadout)
Nervous System:
1. Without this system, you couldn't feel pain, move, think, or taste a spicy taco.
2. The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of your body.
3. This system is the system that reminds your brain about memories through nerve impulses.
4. There are two different parts of this system the Peripheral Nervous System and the Central Nervous System. The nerve impulses are carried through the body by neurons. They are carried to the brain, and the brain tells many other nerve impulses what the muscles need to do. Those nerve impulses go to the muscles and tell theem how to carry out the response to the stimuli.
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