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Case Study - Space Travel Movie

No description

Audrey Palosse

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Case Study - Space Travel Movie

Date: 2005
Director: Jon Favreau
Kristen Stewart
Codes and conventions of sci-fi in this film
We've already seen that this movie is targeting a mainstream audience. This is reinforced by the fact that it includes so many codes and conventions of science fiction so that it can appeal to a lot of people with different interests. It is also family friendly as the aliens and robots aren't very scary and the images aren't too shocking, but there it still some good action.
Case Study - Space Travel Movie
Johan Bobo
Josh Hutcherson
The cast is a good indicator of how popular the movie is and the type of audience it was aimed at. The actors above (who are all very popular now) were also quite popular then. For example, the year this movie was filmed was a few months after Kristen Stewarts' big breakthrough as an actress, amassing a very large, mainstream audience
Dax Shephard
Brothers Walter (Josh Hutcherson) and Danny (Jonah Bobo) can never seem to get along with each other, or with their older teen-aged sister, Lisa (Kristen Stewart). While staying at their divorced father's home while he is away at work and Lisa is asleep, the boys discover an old clockwork-driven space-themed board game called "Zathura" in the basement. The two begin to play the game, the goal to be the first to reach the final space named Zathura. During each turn, the game provides a card with instructions, but the two quickly realize the cards affect reality, starting with a meteor shower. They soon discover the house is floating on a small rock alongside Saturn and figure out there is only one way to go home: finish the game
- Space Travel
- Aliens (and their spaceships)
- Special effects (meteors falling + space setting+ fire....)
Set in the present as we know it
This movie is set in our present: this is shown by the modern use of technology as we know it. The costumes and props (cars, normal clothing, phones, simple house) also give the movie a very realistic feel because they are things we see everyday and therefore offers more escapism when the two boys drift into space - it's a shock for the audience
(if the movie was too unrealistic to start with, it would not have the same effect)
Representation of Space
The images of space shown in this movie are realistic - it's what we have already seen and what we would expect to see. It allows the audience to feel more involved with the movie as it is believable. Lighting is also used to create this effect with yellow glows around certain planets and bright red near the sun
Iconography & Ideology
This movie is filled with iconography that conveys the science fiction genre (previous slide), however some props also link to a specific ideology: the importance of family ( a recurring theme throughout the movie and very popular in the science fiction genre)
For example, the board game is an important prop because it is because of it that the whole adventure started, but it also represents family and how they should stick together to get out of tricky situations
Adapted from the book
Character types
The movie doesn't include every single character in Propp's narrative theory, however it is pretty easy to identify some of the main roles of the characters in the film
Stereotypes are also used in this film: Lisa is represented as a stereotypical teenager (always going out, lazy, careless...) while the two boys have a stereotypical sibling relationship - they fight all the time and annoy their sister!
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