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Innovative Powerful Apps Discovered

No description

Teresa Pinkston

on 10 July 2018

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Transcript of Innovative Powerful Apps Discovered



Flipboard & Stumbleupon
Welcome to...
Prezi Viewer
Explain Everything
OOVOO & Skype
Now let's put these
apps into action!!

View and edit your Prezi on the iPad. This is much simpler when students are presenting, they just hook the iPad up to the projector, login to the Prezi account and they are ready to go, no flash drive or hard drive problems. You can access presentations anywhere that has an Internet connection. I love being able to edit my Prezi on the fly.
allows you to take notes and browse the web while having the two side by side. I really like this app especially when I am looking up websites for class assignments/projects or when I am at a presentation and they are sharing urls. Great tool for students who are researching information on the web.
A fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos, videos, and social networking updates. This app can help with research project, Literacy assignments and up-to-date technology articles. Much like having your own personal magazine (similar app is Stumbleupon)
Organize your Likes into Lists to go back to your favorite Stumbles later, and follow Lists created by other Stumblers.
helps you remember everything across all the devices. Take notes, capture photos, create to-do list, record voice reminders could even be an e portfolio. Can also share with others such as lesson plan or class notes.
just one of the awesome whiteboard apps but can also do the following: records, on-screen drawing, annotations, object movement and captures audio via iPad microphone. Many uses in the classroom if you use a lot of Powerpoints and like to annotate as well as record yourself as you go through the Powerpoint.
Combination notepad & audio notetaker/dictation full version is $5.99 and will allow you to email notes and audio. Also it auto indexes as you take notes. If the audio is too large you can download audionotes on your computer and transfer via iPad cable. I have used this in the classroom, at workshops and even had students record themselves when working on public speaking or presentations (they can have their notes typed before they record). There is a free version.
Integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and organizing so you can take notes your way. I love this app I can bring in many documents that are attached to emails such as agenda, minutes etc. when I bring in the agenda I can take notes right on the agenda when I am at the meeting. I think it is well worth the $2.99
-Call, video call and instant message anyone. The main difference is that oovoo will support multiple people on one call on an iPad (up to 12)
-Call, video call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free with iPhone or iPod touch and even androids (Tango is very similar and depending on the area one may work better than the other) I have used Skype to communicate with other classes, utilized it for staff development, stayed in touch with my students everyday when I was out on medical leave, and even used it on what I would call a virtual field trip; I was in Chicago at Nationals with students and when we went on one of the tours we Skype into the classroom and let the students go along with us.*please note that multiple people on one call is not supported with the iPad at this time.
Syncing files in multiple locations — and
accessing them from anywhere.
gives educators an easy way to design complete courses with audio, video, and other content and distribute them through the new iBook textbooks for iPad. Great learning resource.
Finding great apps without spending a dime! Get high paid quality apps for free each day.
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