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Biography Worsheet

English Work

luz maria

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Biography Worsheet

Biography worksheet Members: Sebastian Iturrieta
Luz Munñoz
Nicolas Valenzuela

Teacher: Miss Nadia Muñnoz Birth Information When: October 15, 1986
Where: Mokpo, South Korea
Mom: Kim Suk Yang (김 숙 영)
Dad: Died on 08/08/2006 Importants events 1) His father dead before the debut of Super Junior

2) He is one of the four korean actors in appears in the chinese postal 1) He hates the pink color
2) He has 3 dogs
3)Their chinese name is: Li Donghai
4) He dreamed with be a athlete
5)His favorite color is the blue and the black
6)He dream about going to Disneyland
7) He hate to eat alone
8) He and Yunho (DBSK) are friends Lee Donghae 이 동해 Because, he is part of the famous group "Super Junior", one of the most important group of Korean Pop (K-pop) Why is this person important? What were him accomplishments? "Always stay healthy and i wish you the best lucky" Quote Facts Their group is nominated to the MTV EMA 2012

The ELFish (their fans) donated more than 50 k. of rice to one orphanage

Their group win the award youtube the most seen video of k-pop

He win the first place in appearance extern with Sungmin
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