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Why Haven't You? (Part 2)

No description

Kyle Thibodeau

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Why Haven't You? (Part 2)

Double click anywhere & add an idea Why haven't you? Part 2 Riddle Me This What letter of the alphabet is an insect? What letter is a part of a head? What letter is a drink? "B" (bee) "I" (eye) "T" (tea) Using "ever" to ask about experiences Have you ever eaten lobster? Q. Have you ever ______?

A. Yes, I have.
A. No, I have never ______.
A. Nope. Have you ever tried waterskiing? Have you ever broken a bone? Have you ever done
something you regret? Talking about the number of times I have seen the Sound of Music over ten times. My sister has been to Thailand many times. He has given blood a few times. Q. How many times have you been to Thailand?

A. I have been to Thailand ________.
- over 10 times
- many times
- a few times 2 Truths and a Lie
Using "ever" and "never" How many times have you seen the Sound of Music?
(over ten times) How many times has
he given blood? (few) How many times has your sister been to Thailand?
Eat/Lobster tried/waterskiing Yes, I have _______.
No, I have never _______. broken/a bone Yes, I have _______.
No, I have never _______. Practice Have you ever... seen a musical, opera, play or ballet
played golf/tennis/ _______
bought something used
hiked to the top of _______
caught a fish
stolen something
ridden a horse/camel/elephant/motorcycle
had a cat/dog/fish/bird
told a white lie
White Lie Review Where do you live? How long have you lived there? Using "for" and "since" Do you wear contacts or glasses? How long have you worn them? Yes, I have _____.
No, I haven't _____. I've worn them for_______. (amount of time)
I've worn them since_______. (a specific time)
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