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what is synthetic music

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Harry Verity

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of what is synthetic music

Synthetic Music
what is synthetic music
synthetic music is music that is made artificially. This makes synthetic music unique and groundbreaking in its own right. The transition from normal to synthetic music started in the 1800's with early developed sound makers such as the telleharmonium.Instruments like this where moving rapidly for the time and new technology was being found every year. In this prezi i shall be discussing the change that some instruments have made on synthetic music and also some basic concepts that helped this kind of music grow.
Music Concrete
The ability to edit music and mix it into a whole new world of sounds. Music concrete was invented by pier chafer in 1942 and shocked the music industry. Music concrete is the act of cutting and placing recording tape in different places maybe even running it backwards. This new art of editing music to make it completely new was a huge invention because it meant that remixing, editing and special effects where able to be placed over music and essentially re-create it.
We didn't have video in the 1800's
The roland drum machine
in 1930 The Roland drum machine was a big help to those single artists making music at the time and opened a new door for synthetic music. Then in the 1990's they released the TR-808 which wasn't revived well at first but caught on for artists. To make drum beats and build them up to make a rap song to was very big ad no one had thought of in the 1930's. This drum machine got people thinking about making music that automatically and repeats and loops.

The telleharmonium
Today we can go on a computer and make our own music and mix it ourselves and this is all thanks to the telleharmonium. In 1897 Thaddeus Cahill created the telleharmonium and now it still inspires us. This revolutionary instrument had so much customization and nobs and things to change sound that it is similar to a lot of synthesizers today. It uses some of the main principles as the organ today does. The telleharmonium uses a normal telephone speaker with a large cone that served as an amplifier. It was groundbreaking in the fact that it was one of the first instruments to implement the effects place on the music as you play it.
The theremin
The theremin is one of the most unique instruments today with the ability to play music by not even touching the device. The device has two appendages one a rod and the other a ring one controls pitch and the other controls volume. Invented by Leon theremin in 1928 it is something of the future and was unheard of at this time in music. The earie sound of the therimin even makes something like the Legend of Zelda theme seem off and the ability to change the music that you koew into something different was a whole other world yet to be discovered.
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