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Olivia Ventura

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of DNA

Here at Ste. Anne's high school we have bully prevention week. However, if you ask students what they do for bullying prevention week, they would say "wearing pink." But what does wearing pink do to help the victims...? Nothing, if no one knows the meaning behind it. We need to do something to change that. Bully preventions should not end after one week.
Needs of the Community
We chose to support the cause of cyber-bullying prevention because;

70% of students report seeing bullying online
1 in 4 are cyber-bullied more than once
only 1 in 10 report the problem to a parent
before the problem of bullying would only remain at school but thanks to technology it now follows the victims everywhere
Other Considered Courses of Action
People Involved
Our Action plan includes the help from Teachers and Guidance Counselors across the country, SWAT and similar clubs.
The number of people we hope to include in our action plan is



Guidance Counselor
Guidance counselors are there for various needs. They provide helpful and professional advice for students. However many students are afraid to talk about their problems, especially face to face.
Purpose and Goal
Our main purpose is to raise awareness around schools and communities about the neglected issue of cyber-bullying. Most people don't realize the damage that words can cause.
Founders- Michelle Janevski, Aleah Berenz, Alexi Jankulovski, Olivia Ventura
Over time, we hope to provide help and support to those affected by bullying. We hope to spread the word to schools and communities across Ontario and the rest of Canada.
Summary of our Plan
We want to start a "trend" on the social network sites. We will do this by creating a website where people can discuss the situations that they have been in and how bullying has affected them. This site could be a healthy outlet for them. You can both receive and give advice or just have a discussion. We encourage everyone to visit the site at least once a month, to remind them of the importance, and sign our online pledge to show their support. There are about 690 000 high school students in Canada. We hope that at least 10% will sign our pledge and more as our campaign continues to grow.
Annually in Canada an average of 294 people commit suicide, ranging from ages 10 to 24. Suicide prevention is obviously not only a need in the community, but in all the country.
Contact Information;

People Involved
Our overall plan is to have everyone involved with this goal of nationwide intolerance toward bullying.
We will start by reaching out to student council members in the Windsor-Essex County region and hopefully expand to all of Canada.
Our Company Logo
"Don't be mean behind the screen"
Promotion Campaign
We want to promote our campaign starting from the school P.A informing people to sign the anti-bullying petition. We also will put up posters and supply brochures in the student services office. We will supply these to all schools within our board. We will also promote online by advertising on other websites. Since that is where the problem starts that is where we want the problem to end. As our campaign becomes more popular we would like to put our information on billboards and have the help of well known people talk about our cause.
Fundraiser: We have chosen not to do this course of action because money isn't going to help stop bullying, unless it is used to help increase awareness. We have decided to do an internet pledge instead because it is easier to access and can be reached quicker. After all the fundraisers that occur not many people have much more to give.
Phone Number: 1-800-STANDUP

Website: www.standup.com

This is the site where you would share your stories and take part in our rally.
What is Bullying?
Bullying is a pattern of aggressive behavior meant to hurt or cause discomfort to another person.
Digital Negativity Awareness
For example: Drunk drivers get into a car without meaning to intentionally hurt someone. Where as a bully goes on the internet with the intention to hurt others. Drunk drivers go to jail, lose their license and get fined. Some bullies will receive no punishments. We want to change that. Bullying kills people. It is a crime and should be treated like a one. Our hope is that our website will increase awareness and help push our government to make changes.
An Example
Digital Negativity Awareness
Active Citizenship
This project has helped us understand that if you want change you must be involved. It takes a lot of work and dedication. It doesn't happen overnight. You must commit yourself and your time. However being an active citizen is part of your duty as a member of a community.
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