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Flag Football Penalty Enforcement

An overview of penalties and how they should be enforced (both 4v4 and 7v7).

UNCW Competitive Sports

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Flag Football Penalty Enforcement

Updated Fall 2015
Flag Football Penalty Enforcement
Important Terms
Previous Spot
Where the ball was last snapped
End of Run
Where the player looses possession or the ball becomes dead in player possession
Succeeding Spot
Where the ball will next be snapped
Spot of the Foul
Where the foul occurred
Loose Ball Play vs. Running Play
Loose Ball
A loose ball play is action during:
A punt
A legal forward pass
A backward pass, including the snap, or fumble made by A from on or behind his/her scrimmage line.
The run or runs which precedes such legal pass, punt, or fumble
Basic Spot
If a foul occurs during a down, the basic spot is determined by the action that occurs during the down. This is the basic spot for penalty enforcement.
All But One Principle
All fouls are enforced from the basic spot
EXCEPT fouls committed by the Offense (Team A)
behind the basic spot.
This ONE foul is enforced from the
spot of the foul
Spot of the foul
End of the Run
Succeeding Spot
Previous Spot
all fouls are penalized from the basic spot unless
the offense fouls behind the basic spot (exception: roughing the passer).
Double Foul
is when both teams commit live ball fouls.
Multiple Foul
is when 2 or more live ball fouls are committed by the same team.
Live Ball Foul
A foul which occurs during a down
Dead Ball Foul
A foul which occurs in the time interval after a down has ended and before the ball is next snapped
Clean Hands Principle
if each team fouls during a down in which there is a change of team possession, the team last in possession may retain the ball, provided its foul is not prior to the final change of possession, and it declines all live ball fouls.
Half the Distance
a measurement cannot take the ball more than half the distance from the enforcement spot to the offending team’s goal line.
Loss of Down
fouls committed by A that carry a loss of the right to replay the down
Automatic First Down
fouls committed by B that carry an automatic first down
F – False Start
I – Illegal Snap
E – Encroachment
L – Leaving the Field on the wrong side or either end zone
D – Delay of Game
Dead Ball Fouls
M – Illegal Motion
I – Illegal Substitution
S – Illegal Shift
H – Have a minimum number of players on the line
A – A players 5 yards off sideline
P – Illegal Participation
S – Must be at least 2 yards behind the line to receive the snap
Fouls Simultaneous with Snap
Special note:
penalties for dead ball fouls are administered separately and in order of their occurrence. A dead ball foul is not coupled with a live ball foul or another dead ball foul to create a double or multiple fouls. All dead ball fouls are administered from the succeeding spot. Any dead ball foul that occurs after the time has expired for any period is measured from the succeeding spot.
Running play
A running play is any action which is not a loose ball play
Behind the line it includes:
A run which is not followed by a loose ball behind the line
A run which followed by an illegal pass from behind the line.
Beyond the line it includes any run.
The Snap
QB Scrambles
Running play
Throws a pass
Loose ball play
Catch and run
Running play
Of a Running Play - End of the Run
Of a Loose Ball Play - Previous Spot
What Kind of play was it?
Running Play
Basic Spot????
End of the Run
What type of play was it?
Loose Ball Play
Basic Spot????
Previous Spot
Was the foul by Team A (offense)
behind the basic spot?

Enforce from
the spot of
the foul
What type of play was it?
Running Play
Basic Spot???
Previous Spot
Was the foul by Team A
behind the basic spot?

Enforce from the basic spot
End of the Run
What type of play was it?
Running Play
End of the Run
Yes, enforce from
the spot of the foul
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