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line intersecting

No description

kayla c

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of line intersecting

Geometry Scavenger hunt
Topic: Foods and drinks

Non-collinear points
Unlike the pomegranate, the inside of this dragon fruit contains non- collinear points. Because my topic is food, and a dragon fruit is a fruit, it goes great with my topic.
Adjacent angles
Two parallel planes
In the jello square, there are 5 colored planes separated by 4 white planes. All of the colored planes are parallel to each other, like the red one and the blue one. Because of jello being a food item, it fits into the topic of food and drinks.
A line intersecting
a plane
This relates to my theme of food and drinks because a watermelon is a food that you can eat. The line that goes through the plane is represented by the popsicle stick. The plane is represented by the piece of watermelon.
Right triangle
This grilled cheese cut into right triangles fits into my theme of food and drinks simply because it is a grilled cheese.
Acute triangle.
This mini pumpkin pie is a cookie, and an acute triangle. Therefore it fits into my topic of food and drinks.
Obtuse triangle
The part of cheese that is missing in this cheese circle is an obtuse triangle. Cheese is a food. Cheese fits right into my topic.
Collinear points
The inside of this pomegranate containes pieces that are in a collinear path. Also, a pomegranate fits into my topic because it is a fruit and a fruit is a food.
My choice:
My choice:
perpendicular lines
The lines of the waffle on the side contians lines that intersect each other at a 90 degree angle. Because a waffle is a breakfast food it fits into my topic of food and drinks.
Parallel lines
Two chopsticks side by side, are parallel. Chopsticks are items you eat food with. Therefore parallel chopsticks go in the topic of food and drinks.
Segment bisector
The lines in the cookie dough that go west to east, are being cut in half by a line that goes north to south. Since cookie dough gets baked into cookies,it fits into the topic of food, and drinks.
Angle bisector
In the picture of the orange, the edge of the pieces of the orange all form angles. an edge of a piece splits on of those angles. An orange is a fruit, and a fruit is food. So, this orange goes into the topic of foods and drinks.
A pair of vertical angles formed by two intersecting lines
Peace tea is a drink that contains a peace sign in the P for Peace tea. In this peace sign two lines are cut to form angles. These angles are all vertical to another angle. This fits into the topic of food and drinks because Peace tea is a drink.
The A in the Arizona iced tea logo contains two adjacent angles. Arizona iced tea is a tea, aka a drink. So, it fits into the topic of food and drinks.
Opposite rays
From a point inside the cookie there are two edges that go in different directions, I saw this as two opposite rays. A cookie is food so it goes into my topic of food and drinks.
Corresponding angles
The two circled angles are corresponding in a McDonalds restaurant. You can purchase food and drinks at McDonalds, therefore it fits into my topic.
Two lines cut
by a
The lighter blue lines on the pizza are parallel and they are cut by a transversal (the darker line) Pizza is food so it goes into my topic.
A circle is a "Round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the center)." The picture to the side is a minion cupake. The cupcake is in the shape of a circle. A cupcake is a food many people eat, hence the reason it is under the topic of food and drinks.
A star is " A figure formed by connecting with straight lines every qth point out of p regularly spaced points lying on a circumference. " In the picture, there is a jello star. Once again, a jello is a food, so it goes into the topic of food and drinks.
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