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No description

Nick palmer

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of drugs

Cocaine is a stimulant that comes from the leaves of the South American coca bush. It is processed to form a white crystalline powder Cocaine Short-term use of cocaine can produce many other effects:

•postponement of physical and mental fatigue
•reduced appetite
•increased blood pressure and heart rate
•exaggerated reflexes
•rapid breathing Some people become psychotic and can experience:

•delusions Step
1Evaluate his behavior. Cocaine users tend to have anxiety and often suffer from panic attacks. He may exhibit signs of irritability. This is common when he is craving cocaine.

2Pay attention to the physical condition of his body. Cocaine users often have a stuffy, bloody or runny nose. Dilated pupils can also be an indication that he is using cocaine.

3Observe his motor skill activities. He may have tremors or act extremely hyper. He may speak rapidly or appear to be fidgety.

4Notice his state of mind. Cocaine users may hallucinate, suffer from paranoia or appear to be in a state of confusion.

5Look for any paraphernalia that is often associated with cocaine use. Common methods of using cocaine are snorting, smoking and injecting intravenously. Look for rolled paper--money is often used to snort. Check for razor blades and straws. Smoking includes the use of a glass pipe. Items commonly associated with injecting cocaine are syringes, needles, spoons and bandannas or belts that are used to constrict the veins. The presence of one more of these items may indicate the use of cocaine.
. cocaine
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