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Copy of Devices In the Classroom

No description

Ashlie O'Connor

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Devices In the Classroom

Devices In the Classroom
SAMR Learning
The Device as a Teacher Tool, a Student Tool, or a Tutor
Video Modeling &Social Media
Visuals allow students to express their learning of the standard in a different manner
As A Tool
Examples of Devices used as a tool replacement
Formative Assessment & Self Directed Tutoring
Using devices in dynamic ways to engage student learning
Dr. Ruben Puentedura
For Math
Graphing Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Geo Boards
For Science
Periodic Table
For Social Studies
Digital Globe
Reference Tools
For Electives
Formative feedback
Devices can help provide students with step by step instruction if they need help solving problems
Ways to Use
Problem Help
(Mathway & Photo Math)
Flash Cards

Tutoring Apps
Khan Academy
You Tube
Classrooms can use their device to manage Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Blogs to connect with other classroom, establish a real world audience and create their own learning network
Digital Citizenship Practice with Social Media Application
Media Example
Differentiated Instruction using Educational Applications
Student Portfolios
Student Portfolios allow teachers to manage data and make decisions to meet individual student needs
Extra Practice
The SAMR Model helps support technology implementation at all levels and helps guide curriculum objects. Technology is just a tool not a substitute for learning.
Blogging allows the students to capture their work and reflect on the standard or objective at hand
Video Modeling
Photo Modeling
Hyperlapse Video

Coach's Eye
Stop motion
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