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Deep South 1930's

No description

Andrew Qu

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Deep South 1930's

What was life like in the
deep south in the 1930's? By Andrew Qu
Period 3 Segregation Introduction African-Americans during the Great Depression Economy (Great Depression) Civil War Background Black Codes Civil War Effects What the Jim Crow laws did Who were they? The End of the KKK Their Attire They are an organization who are against African-Americans from being free

They wanted to torture the African-Americans because the African-Americans won their freedom They wore white robes and pointy hats and
masks with only eye holes and mouth holes

They wore what they wore to show that they were better than African-Americans even

They were very religious and the white
was used to symbolize Christianity The Ku Klux Klan got weaker and
weaker as time passed because the
African-Americans were earning more
rights and freedom

When their leader died, a replacement
could not be found, making the KKK
weaker The Jim Crow laws were to show that

-Whites were superior to African-Americans

-Superior in intelligence, morality, and civilized behavior

-No African-American is equal or greater than
a white person After the Civil War ended, President Lincoln
outlawed slavery

After the war ended, both the south and the north
(blacks and whites) worked together and
re-created the nation

Even though the African-Americans were still
not as free as white citizens.

Great Depression happened right after Civil
War, the economy still has not recovered Civil War was caused because Americans
were having a "change of heart" and wanting
slavery to be abolished Life in the deep south in the 1930's was brutal
for African-Americans

There were laws that limited what the African-
Americans could do

Examples of laws were Jim Crow and Black Codes

Organizations such as the KKK were created
to prevent African-American's from being equal
to white citizens

The Great Depression took place in the 1930's

The economy was not fully recovered from Civil War, which made the Great Depression worse that it should have been.

Many southerners had to get jobs at a young age to support their families
Ku Klux Klan This is a picture of a KKK meeting Black Codes were laws created
after the Jim Crow laws

Black Codes created to restrict freed
African-American's doings and make
sure they do not get too many privileges

For example, African-Americans had to
sign labor contracts yearly... whites did not
have to

Picture of a thirteen year old
sharecropper during the Great Depression When the Great Depression struck, African-Americans suffered the most

The unemployment rate for African-Americans was
over 50%, the unemployment for whites were 30% or lower

Also, the pay for black workers were at least 30% lower than a white employee's pay

In conclusion...

During the 1930's

The result of the Civil War was that the African-Americans were free from slavery

However, certain laws and codes limited what they
could do

Certain organizations protested the African-American's freedom

The Great Depression hit and made the conditions
for the African-Americans far worse than the

That was life in the 1930's in the Deep South

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