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Urban Agriculture

No description

Maja Rodman

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Urban Agriculture

Price Closeness Storage Maintenance Passion
Knowledge Workspace
Do it yourself Delivery Plants Modern atmosphere LOW HIGH Bike delivery Concept Store Florist's shop Plantagen Eliminate Increase Reduce Create Bulk volumes
Delivery &trailer
Potted plants &
cutting flowers Service
Modern atmosphere
Closeness Storage
Maintenance Freedom of choice
Do it yourself
Work space URBAN AGRICULTURE by: Linnea, Maja, Filip & Linnea Macro Lifestyle Disbelief in economy
Health trend Meso Rurbanism Micro Urban agriculture the clash between rural and urban INSIGHTS INSIGHT I INSIGHT II INSIGHT III INSIGHT IIII GUERRILLA GARDENING The Urban Gardening Concept Store
Quasi-etnography Interviews,
field trips and
netnography METHOD URBAN AGRICULTURE IN PEOPLES' HOMES COMMUNITY GARDENING See the problem? Lack of knowledge Lack of space Big bags of
soil How can
we help you? A working
space Knowledge Conclusion THANK YOU! URBAN AGRICULTURE IN THE CONTEXT OF RESTAURANTS If you wish to be happy for a few hours, drink wine until your head spins pleasantly.

If you wish to be happy for a few days, get married and hide away.

If you wish to be happy for a week, roast a tender pig and have a feast. If you wish to be happy
for all your life,
become a gardener. Urban agriculture
is food production
occurring within the confines of cities; production that takes place in backyards, on rooftops, in community vegetable and fruit gardens and in unused or
public spaces Soil and seeds by weight Any questions? DEFINITION Passion
The Urban Gardening Concept Store STATISTICS
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