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History of Byzantine Empire: 322 B.C. - 324 A.D.

In this presentation, you will discover the accomplishments, important figures, as well as much more in this period of the Byzantine Empire's history.

Carlos Castro

on 17 April 2011

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Transcript of History of Byzantine Empire: 322 B.C. - 324 A.D.

The History of Byzantine Empire:
322 B.C. – 324 A.D. Important Leaders:
218-201 B.C. - General Hannibal leads expedition through Spain
58-51 B.C. - Julius Caesar conquers Gaul
31 B.C. - Octavian leads fleet against fleet of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra
98-117 A.D. - Trajan becomes ruler of Rome, Rome reaches peak
284-305 A.D. - Diocletian becomes emperor of Roman Empire By: Carlos Castro, Nathan Gomez, and Brenden Shields Julius Caesar Military Achievements

264-241 B.C. - First Punic War: Romans win and gain Sicily
206 B.C. - Romans defeat Carthaginians in Spain in Second Punic War, Control of southern Spain.
149-146 BC - Third Punic War: Rome destroys Carthage.
58-51 BC Julius Caesar conquers Gaul
31 BC Octavian’s fleet defeats the fleet of his rivals Mark Anthony and Cleopatra General Hannibal Expansions to the Empire
264-241 B.C. - First Punic War: Sicily
206 B.C. - Second Punic War: Defeat of Hannibal and Control of Southern Spain
58-51 B.C. - Julius Caesar: Gaul
30 B.C. - Egypt becomes Roman Province Major Social Changes
89 B.C. - All Italians given Roman Citizenship
286 A.D. - Diocletian divides Roman Empire into East and West
313 A.D. - Emperor Constantine tolerates Christianity Architectural Achievements
80 A.D. - Coliseum built in Rome
315 A.D. - Arch of Constantine made Emperor Constantine Arch of Constantine
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