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Treaties in Saskatchewan

No description

Lee Garinger

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Treaties in Saskatchewan

What are Treaties?
Treaties are defined as formal agreements between states that often consider land, property, and public welfare between those states, and the citizens of those states, for perpetuity.
Treaty Map of Saskatchewan
Sir Alexander Morris was the British
Crown representative who was sent to
negotiate the Treaties.
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
As long as the grass grows
Many problems
surrounded the
making of the
The Crown had
no time for war
or resources to
fund one
But had big ideas to expand across Canada and needed the help from the First Nations.

First Nation leaders also recognized the importance of getting a deal done as the Buffalo
were beginning to be scarce
So both sides worked
together to agree to share
the land. However, our
government has not held
their end of the bargain, check
out the hardships our First
Nations have lived through...
Why don't we get our act together
and help fix this, we don't want
more our kids experiencing this...
We can begin to
make a difference
in everyone's lives
by first recognizing the
many problems not
honouring Treaties
has caused
We can begin to work together
with First Nations to respectfully
honour Treaties and celebrate
the successes they have
The Crown knew they had little time to execute so they did everything they could to rush the making Treaty process
Through education we can
review the historical elements
of Treaties and begin to
understand what we can build
upon. Through education we can
change lives!
The time is now to begin
to build our dreams together
in order to make them reality
As long as the Sun Shines
As long as the river
flows! We are all
part of treaties!
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Resources [Kit]. Retrieved from:

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