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Boston Celtics

No description

Kaz Lebron

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics By: Sergei, Carson, Noah 2nd period

Mascot Information
Mascot name:Lucky the leprechaun
"Business." BostonGlobe.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2013.
Team information
Languages Spoken
Name of the Team: Boston Celtics
Country:United States of America State:Massachusetts City:Boston

Longitude and laditude:

Lucky has entertained fans from the youngest of children to the lifelong Celtics fan. Lucky has cheered with the fans of Boston with crowd-pleasing antics and high-energy dunk shows. Not only are Lucky's skills on display in the Garden, but also as a major contributor to the Boston community, appearing in hundreds of special appearances throughout the region.
Boston produces capecods and cranberry bogs
Boston grows apples,vegetables,and christmas trees
John Quincy Adams was born there
Interesting facts about the region
Physical features of northeast region
Applachain Mountains
Charles River-Major River
North Adams-Major Mountain

why it has its name: its named after its sponser,TDBank,A subsidiary of canadas's Toronto -Dominion Bank
Who was the founder of the Boston Celtics?
Walter Brown
Why did they choose this location?
Because its a great sports town with some of the most die hard fans youll find anywhere in the country.
Connection to the region
Refers to Boston's Irish american population.Also reflects the irish connections as it's a traditional system the leprichaun.
When was the boston celtics team established?
June 6, 1946
why has there been a shift in naming
rights: in 1995 the celtics move from
the framed Boston garden to the brand
new fleet center,which is later
renamed TD Banknorth Garden
Stadium Name:TD Bank Garden
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