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No description

el ma

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of NIRVANA

- was an American Grunge /Alternative Rock band in the 1990's
Kurt Cobain
was born on 20.02.1967 in Aberdeen
he was hyperactive, so him was given sedatives
at the age of 6, his parents bought him a drumset
when he was 8, his parents got divorced
he was sent to live with relatives
on his 14th birthday he bought his first guitar
during his youth he got into a lot of trouble
dropped out of high school
Krist Novoselic
was born on 16.05.1965 in Los Angeles
his parents are Croatians
he and his little brother did vandalism
at the age of 15 he started drinking and smoking
Novoselic's younger brother brought home a new friend: Kurt Cobain

Cobain was impressed by the fact that Novoselic was a punk rock fan
Cobain tried convincing Novoselic to form a band
they decided to call it the "Stiff Woodies"
Cobain played the drums & Novoselic bass
rotating cast of guitarists and vocals
they went through name changes as quickly guitarists before deciding that Cobain would play guitar and sing
renamed Skid Row
What is
In 1987, the band was
called Nirvana
Nirvana began playing gigs
1987: they made demos with Endino, who gave the recordings to Jonathan Poneman
-> founder of the label Sub Pop
1988: they released their first single: a cover of "Love Buzz"
released in Spring '89

just over 600$

became a big success
In 1990 they made their first tour in the U.S
After that tour they found a new drummer
Dave Grohl
14.01.1969 in Ohio
grew up in Washington
teached himself to play drums and guitar
played in his youth as a drummer in the
band "Scream"
in Septemper 1991 they released
the album 'Nevermind'
it was supported by a quick tour

what helped the album became a
success was 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

the success was taken by surprise
Nirvana don't know how to handle their success
Kurt + Courtney + Drugs
Cobain married Courtney Love, the leader of an indie rock band in 1992
they were expecting a baby
it was rumored, that they are heavy heroin users
Cobain complained that he was suffering from stomach troubles
Courtney delivered Frances Bean Cobain on 18.04.1992
the couple soon got the baby taken away
because of the troubles of Cobain, Nirvana
were unable to record an album like 'Nevermind'

they released the b-sides album Incesticide in
December 1992
Nirvana changed it producer
Nirvana released their next album
in September 1992
it was recorded in just two weeks
January 1994: MTV Unplugged
they played many covers
April 1994: Cobain was admitted into a rehabilitition center because of his heroin addiction
-> he broke out

05.04.1994: Cobain shot himself in the head
Dave Grohl formed the Foo Fighters (vocals, guitar)
Krist Novoselic formed Sweet 75
..and today he writes articles
in a music magazine
Thank you
for your
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