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Prezi Project - Nils Horn

Western Europe(1300-1600)

nils horn

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Prezi Project - Nils Horn

Western Europe (1300-1600) Renaissance
"rebirth" Where it began Northern Italy Patronage Supporred artists financially
Medici were patrons of the arts New art techniques Perspective - three dimensional paintings
Free-standing statues
Printing press - first Bible published in in 1455 Legacy Used vernacular languages
Printing made info available
Art was more realistic
Accounts of maps, discoveries, and charts LORENZO MEDICI Perspective art PRINTING PRESS
Invented by Johann Gutenberg
Printed Bible in 1455 Martin Luther
(1483-1546) Monk and teacher Took a stand against a friar
The friar was building a church He raised money through indulgences (pardons)
People were under the impression that they could buy their way into heaven Luther was troubled by friar's tactics Wrote 95 theses
Formal statements that protested indulgences
Catholic Church Pope was the head
Salvation by faith and good deeds
Priests interpret Bible for believers Protestant Founded by princes who supported Luther's ideas
Branch of Christianity
Bible is the final source of authority
Salvation comes from faith in Jesus Christ
All believers are priest to God
Henry VIII Henry requested for an annul to divorce Catherine The pope rejects
Henry then removes the Pope from power in England
Became the official head of England's Church
Marries Anne Boleyn Division of Church Protestants split from Church.
Three branches of Protestanism:
Anglicanism, Lutheranism, and Calvinism Calvinism Formed by John Calvin
Based on predestination
God has chosen who will be saved Effects of Reformation Catholic church more unified
Emphasis on education
Founding of schools
Monarchs and states gained power Protestant Reformation
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