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My hobby

Use for the English lessons

Anna Ustimenko

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of My hobby

Make up as many sentences
as you can Put the sentences in the right order to make a dialogue. My hobby Let's speak about hobbies to play football
to look after
to be crazy about
to play the piano/the guitar
to ride a bicycle
to play chess
to knit
to surf
to go camping
to ski
to work on computer
to surf the net
to travel Interview your classmates: 1. How many pupils have any hobby?
2. How many pupils don't have any hobby?
3. How many hobbies do they have?
4. What hobbies do they have? Fill in the table Name Ann Alex Vlad Arina Roma
Hobby ... ... ... ... ...
Look at the table, tell about your classmates' hobbies: For example,
Alex likes playing computer games but Roma likes swimming. Different kinds of hobbies Say what do you think about these hobbies? Use these words and expressions. It's fun. It's interesting. It's boring.
It's my hobby. It's my favourite thing.
I do it every day. It's easy/difficult.
I'm crazy about it.
It's for girls/boys only. It's not for everybody.
It's dangerous. What's your hobby?

1 - Do you have a hobby?
2 - Yes, this is a Russian martial art.
3 - I see. What about knitting?
4 - It's not boring for me. And I like to make new clothes. Look at this sweater! Do you like it?
5 - Sambo? Is it a martial art?
6 - I want to be strong. I study at school and the boys of our class are always afraid of me.
7 - Yes, I do. It's very nice.
8 - Thank you.
9 - But knitting and sambo are very different things. Many girls like knitting. But I think sambo isn't for girls.
10 - Yes, I do. I like knitting and sambo.
Say some words about your hobby.
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