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IQMotive - IQPlanning

No description

Friso Roorda

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of IQMotive - IQPlanning

IQ motive started in september 2015. Most teammembers are shareholder and committed to accomplish an excellent product
we are young
IQ motive is focused on planning and logistics. We build open modules connectable with overall information systems.
Our primary focus in 2016 is the automotive branche
IQ motive builds planning solutions that:
outshine in complex situations
are highly customisable (parameters)
are dynamic
are flexible
are intuitive
are self learning
are integrable
are multi-language
IQ motive
our interface concept
Sake: after sales manager Bourguignon, brings in practical knowledge
Friso: consultant automotive branche
Josse: owner IT company
Jeroen: master AI algorithmes
Stephanie: master AI Human-machine interaction
Jasper: graduate NHL software engineer
Peter: manager IT company
our team
Most automotive e-planners are "just" planboards. Plan items are entered, but planning is not optimised. No intelligence.

adds intelligently optimising the complexe workshop planning. It plans
you, until the car has been handed over to the customer after the job.
IQPlanning: a gamechanger
and we are experienced

Automotive Workshop Planning (Friso)
The right way:

.................supporting service staff
our planning approach
accurate process representation through individual process design
adapts to every workshop situation by "planning rules" that can handle every constraint
follows chef's insights by manual override
also assigns non value added tasks to employees
Multi point, central management
progress- and management information
2 mechanics per car, 2 cars per mechanic
system characteristics
userfriendly front end
focused on tasks and overview
to-do list per person, overview relevant data
overview for management, manual overridable
Flexible back-end
edit and add your own processes
skills and certificates of employees
Planning rules managing constraints
employee - task connection by role
other resources integrated
views per function
- dynamic jobqueues
- dynamic planning overviews
drag and drop between charts
plan violation information
- step by step booking views
- parametrised mechanic's work order view
our processes approach
welcome at
welcome at
just for the record......
- we are
done yet
- we would like to hear your opinion about:
our product so far
could it work for your organisation ?
are we on the right track ?
what could we improve ?
our strategy towards the positioning of our product
comparing our solution with other planning solutions
in other words.... would you consider using it ?

Key elements of IQPlanning
Plan preferences: flexibility in assigning tasks
To do list for each employee involved
Flexible through plan preferences
Booking view: full days not shown, other days show how customers preferences meet and show options
Planned versions
Pilot version:
single point (workshop)
optimising plan algorithm
constraints using car- and customer info (planning rules)
direct reservation of workshop time in IQP
VCD pilot version (Kooijman) adds:
multi point
online and central booking
progress info
algorithm selflearning on efficiency
Version 2.1 adds
selflearning on planner behaviour
management information and trends
electronic work order
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