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Digital Media & Social Movements

No description

Heather Woods

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Digital Media & Social Movements

What are your Assumptions
...about (the relationship between) social movements and digital media?

Using your
own experiences, class readings, or the "Digitized Lives" text
, write down
one assumption
about the relationship between
social movements and social media
. It should be a declarative statement.
for example: Social/digital Media has had no impact on social movements

Today we will...
Digital Media & Social Movements

Interrogate our and others' basic assumptions about the relationship between digital/social media and social movements/collective action
Think about how the Web and/or digital connectivities offer both affordances and limitations for activists/social movements
Review T.V. Reed's chapter "Does the Internet Have A Political Bias"
Spend time in discussion
Focusing Questions: Tufekci
What are some of the
that Tufekci suggests have been used to initiate social change?
Why might "
" matter for activists? Why might

fall short
for people organizing or participating in social movements?
What is Tufekci's
of using
social media
for protests/collective action?
What are the benefits of "slow & sustained" resistance and/or organization?
Final Comments/Questions
The utility of digital media and/or digital media ecologies as tools for resistance is up for debate
Instead of blanket generalizations, best to consider the affordances/limitations of a tool/platform/media
Some lingering questions
(How much) does it matter that much of the internet is privatized?
Does internet activism (slacktivism) trade off with IRL activism/movement?
Re: Access-How can a digital movement be democratic if not everyone can participate?
J.V. Reed
Digitized Lives
of digital media
Zeynep Tufekci on Social Media and Social Movements
affordance=possibilities "opened up" by the characteristics of the thing in question. what is made possible by "X"? (both actual/perceived)
limitation=what it sounds like. what are the drawbacks inherent to the characteristics of the thing? what are the constraints?
How the Internet has made social change easy to organize, hard to win
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