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MCOM 371

Erin Koens

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of BUGLES

Bugles Other Snacks are Pointless. Problems Prior to Rebranding After Rebranding ZERO digital presence
The target audiences forgot about this tasty, fun snack due to poor marketing efforts.
General Mills hasn't focused of Bugles since the late 90's early 2000's. With the help of our strategic marketing efforts we have reintroduced Bugles.
Implemented a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign
Established a Digital Presence
Introduced an Interactive Website
Utilizing Social Media
Twitter Color Scheme Headline and Tagline We kept the vibrant color scheme of red, orange, yellow and the pop of purple because studies show that these warm colors are the most influential, especially orange, because it triggers hunger. We also decided to stick with the tagline Bugles had prior to the rebranding because it had a certain kick to it that captured the snacks persona. Make the Very Best and Forget the Rest. We wanted Bugles to have a headline as well, so we created one that was cohesive with the Bugles tagline. This headline is aimed to the mothers, showing them that Bugles are great for cooking and party snacks. Other Snacks are Pointless. Creative Efforts Guerrilla Marketing Campaign: Interactive Website: Social Media: Snack Zone
Bugle Kitchen
Games Facebook
Twitter Reasons to Rebrand The crosstab research we conducted proved to us that there is a demand for the product, but with a better marketing plan the demand would increase even more. Bugles main competitors include, Chee-tos and Doritos.
Females are 15% more likely to buy Bugles compared to 14% for Chee-tos and 5% for Doritos.
Of Bugles buyers 60.1% are female compared to 59.1% for Chee-tos and 54.4% for Doritos.
This information concluded that we needed to target women, because they have the most buying power. We also wanted to highlight the men and children that consume Bugles. The combination of these target audiences sculpted our website. We included the 'Bugle Kitchen' for the females, the 'Snack Zone' for the males and also the 'Games' section for children. Bugle horn 1965 2012
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