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Teen Life: Advice and Suggestions

2nd year w4 Lesson 4 Teen worries

Rachel Young

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Teen Life: Advice and Suggestions

Expressing Concern and offering Advice. Teen Life I think you should...
If I were you, I would...
If I were in your shoes... Offering suggestions
and advice. What advice would you give Mr. Bean after he lost his pants? What are some worries and concerns that students might have in teen life? What should I do? Got a bad grade on a test Expressions to know: How about...
You could... After Mr. Bean finds the man with his pants, what should he do? What is an example of a piece of advice... Answering Positive Expressions:
Great Idea!
Sounds good.
Why didn't I think of that? Negative:
I don't think
that would work. students practice quickly in pairs. I have a crush.
I am stressed out.
My grades are poor.
I am always sleepy.
WHAT ELSE? I got a bad grade on a test. You could:

Study harder
Pay attention in class
Or? What else? What kind of emotions do
these images have? I think you should... try to be on time... BUT how? by waking up earlier. by leaving the house earlier. PROBLEM: I always miss
my bus in the morning. I broke my cell phone
and my parent won't buy me a new one. from your parents? From your friends? What's (what is) the matter?

What happened?

Are you okay?

Why the long face? FACIAL EXPRESSIONS Sad
annoyed Expressing Your Concern Your friend is angry.
What do you say to them? What happened? Your friend is sad or crying. Why the long face? What happened?
What is the matter? What should I do? Dialogue Example A: *sad face*
B: What's the matter?
A: My boyfriend and I broke up recently. I can't believe it.
B: Hmm. If I were you, I would forget about him and find a new boyfriend.
A: Hey! Why didn't I think of that! Girls Dialogue Example Boys A: *Angry face*
B: Dude, what's the matter?
A: I lost my cell phone on the bus coming to school.
B: Oh man, that sucks.
A: I know!
B: How about you call your phone to see if anyone picks up.
A: Sounds like a good idea! A: Facial expression-- sad/angry/worried etc.
B: What is the ____? OR Why the ______ face?
A: Problem (pick from Worksheet)
B: Solution (pick from Worksheet) Use sample dialogue to create own dialogue.
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