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No description

Louis Eastwood

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of iPhone

Consumers Life
Where he lives:
Where he works:
What he wears:
What he eats:
Where he socializes:
His values / opinions / behavior
His Salary:
How do they want to be perceived?
What media is he exposed to?
Wake up - 8am
Arrive at work - 9am
Morning Break - 11.30am
Lunch Break - 1pm
Go Home - 5 pm
Watch TV - 7pm
Background of the company
Apple has been a technology developing company since 1976 but it is only since 2007 and the release of the first iPhone that has really pushed us forward to becoming a globally recognized brand.
Business Objectives:
Our mission statement is very clear and precise and clearly states that we are committed to bringing the best and also to be the leading company in bringing excellent technology and musical software to our customers.
Target Market:
The target market that we are aiming for is the business man who is young and stylish.
Product Details:
Will still have the slick design of the iPhone 4 but with new features and gadgets to make the mobile experience better.
Message and promise of the brand:
The idea behind the campaign would be “Retro on the outside, modern on the inside” Which means that the phone is still the design people are used to but it is new and fresh.
Campaign Budget:
We plan to spend about 5.4 million on the campaign so that there is a good amount of publicity about the product without over spending.
The advertising campaign will run from the launch of the product when it is launched in August and will end just after the final push towards the end just before Christmas pushing for last minuet sales.
Campaign Brief
Promotional Mix:
Personal Selling
Integration with promotional and media mix.
The USP of the product is that it has new features and performs better than any previous iPhone.
TV adverts and other types of advertising through the media are great ways of getting a brand and a company known.
Sponsorship is where a company will provide a service or provide money to a company to help them become more well known and to help the company develop. It will also help the bigger company as they will be seen in a good light, helping out other companies.
This will help Apple because it will give their customers a more personal experience when they are purchasing from the company, which will make the company look more professional.
The iPhone will be sold in few places, some of these include the Apple website, the Apple store and also other mobile phone company shops (EE, O2 etc)
The phone will be advertised in many places, mainly city centers where there are business executives.
Retailing at £499, this phone is certainly not one of the cheaper phones that Apple make.
The pricing strategy that we will use is, Price Skimming, which means we will set a high price to start off with and then lower it accordingly when there are other phones on the market similar to this one.
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