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ellen dunleavy

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of wesak

WESAK variations of wesak
around the world.

In Thialand the children in school make special wesak lanterns which are made out of paper and wood.The lanterns are hung and caged birds are released.This symbolises letting go of troubles and whishing all beings well and happy. BY ELLEN
DUNLEAVY wesak is a festival celebrated all over the world it is a national holiday in many Asian country's ;Thialand,Sri Lanka,Malaysia and Singapore. wesak lantern. An introduction to wesak. Wesak is the most important festival for Buddhists.Wesak is celebrated on the first full moon in may.Wesak celebrates Buddha's birthday and for some Buddhists his enlightenment and death. The preparation of Wesak

People clean thier homes before
wesak.In some countries they visit there local temple for services and teachings.At the services people will give offerings of candles and flowers to the monks. "Bathing the Buddha" The bathing the Buddha is a
cermony that Buddhists have
in their local temples on Wesak.
Water is poured over the shoulders
of the Buddha as a reminder to purify
thier minds for greed and hatred.
Gifts are also taken to the altar to be
offered to Buddha this shows respect
and thanks to Buddha for his life and
his teachings An introduction to
Buddhism. Siddharta Gautama was born the prince of what is now known as Nepal.His father wanted him to be a warrior king like himself.When he was sixteen he married a princess and had a family together and were happy.Everything seemed fine but Siddharta was growing curious about life outside the palace in the end he demanded to be let out. First Siddhartha saw an old man and he was shocked to realise that he wasn't going to be young forever.Next he saw a sick person and realised he would not be strong forever.Then he saw a corpse and realised he wouldn't live forever.All this made him very sad until he saw a begger monk who looked happy.Siddhartha set out to learn wisdom he finally got enlightened under a Bodhi tree.He became Buddha the enlightened one.And thats when he started teaching others. wesak day is often called different names
in different countries.Some of the offical names are: vesak,waisak,buddha purnima
and many other names. sources of infomation

Tell me about the world's
religions by Lois Rock Conclusion. I learnt a lot from this
project.I learnt that on
Wesak there is a cermony
called Bathing the Buddha.
I learnt a lot about Buddhism.
I really enjod working on this
project I hoped you enjoyed it.
Wesak in Singapore.
Wesak is important in
Singapore.Huge crowds
vist temples around the
city.Inside monks chant
sacred hyms and caged
birds are set free.On this
day Buddhist youths organise
blood donation camps and distribute gifts to poor people.
During the evening candlelit processions are found walking across the streets and this is how the festival ends.
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