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The Future of the EU

No description

Dimiter Toshkov

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The Future of the EU

There is one EU
The EU is important
The EU is growing
Free trade area (EU28 + EEA + candidate countries)
Internal market (EU28 + EEA)
Schengen (EU28 + EEA - UK, IR, BG, RO, CR, CY)
Customs Union (EU28 + TK)
Economic and Monetary Union (EU28 - UK, DK, SE, etc.)
Social policy (EU28 - UK, DK)
47% of the budget still goes for agriculture
1/3 of the legislation concerns agriculture
Directive 2009/59/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 on
rear-view mirrors for wheeled agricultural or forestry tractors
(Codified version)
Less than 20% of Dutch laws have a link to the EU
- Isn't that 80%?!
- No, it isn't!
The entire European Commission is 33 000 people
47 000 Paris City Hall employees
The EU has a democratic deficit
Faceless bureaucrats in Brussels make the decisions
If only national parliaments had more influence
EU decision making is insulated from political control
The EU is not transparent
What the
Will Not Be
The Future of the EU
Just a market
À la carte
A State
There is no such thing as a 'natural market'
Freer markets, more rules!
(Steven Vogel 1998)
Markets create winners and losers
Policy inter-dependencies
Classic spill-overs
Monetary and macro-economic policies
Monetary and labor mobility (or social) policies
countries (and people) will prefer to be
outside of the EU
if the EU exists
would prefer a world in which
the EU
doesn't exist
at all...
Free riding
If history is our guide...
Now that the sleeping giant has awaken...
No loyalty, no solidarity, no attachment
Two kinds of Euroskepticism
The EU is an outpost of rampant neo-liberalism,
too focused on economic growth, not enough attention to the environment and social problems.
The EU is a socialism state through the backdoor,
regulates, spends and intervenes too much .
No political incentive to openly support
Taken for granted
the Easyjet generation
and not
and not
Follow our blog
The EU is inevitable
European Defense Community (1952)

European Constitution (2005)
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