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JAKEL Corporation: Message to Our Stockholders

Annual Report and Stockholder meeting

Emily Silva

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of JAKEL Corporation: Message to Our Stockholders

JAKEL Corporation Emily Silva
Jocelyn Caliel
Kyndall Pritchett
Amanda Simmons
Louie Tijerina Vision Mission Financial Highlights Values Beginning Strategy Accesibility New Strategy Product Satisfaction Success Indicators Stock Price Future Plans To lead the industry in the design, manufacture, marketing, and sale of High-Tech and Low-Tech sensor products, and to be recognized for outstanding customer service. To lead the sensor industry by developing affordable, innovative products for our customers while providing quality service. We will create a rewarding and challenging work environment for our employees, while being a responsible member within the community we operate in, and delivering consistent returns for our shareholders. 2016 % Change 2017 % Change 2018
Sales $92,560 18.9% $110,073 12.3% $123,572
Cash Flow from Operations $1,9155 7.9% $12,997 15.2% $32,689
End Cash Positions $0 901.7% $9,017 72.5% $32,822
Retained Earnings $44,570 24.4% $55,439 83.0% $60,035
Research and Development $1,416 -34.3% $930 88.0% $1,012
Liability and Equity $72,147 10.0% $79,335 27.0% $81,445
Net Profit $6,023 81.5% $10,932 12.2% $12,267
Overview Products Marketing Financial Plan Overview Products Marketing Financial Plan At JAKEL we value honesty and integrity in business, and we will strive to achieve our corporate vision while maintaining a high level of integrity. Begin with 1 High-Tech and 1 Low-Tech product
Introduce a High-Tech product every 2-3 years
Revise our Low-Tech product every 2 years
Produce 2 Low-Tech and 3 High-Tech products by 8th year High-Tech market as our niche
Maintain a presence in the Low-Tech market
Develop affordable and innovative products
Provide quality service
Maintain a high level of integrity
Strong promotion budget
High customer awareness
Price at the high end for each market
Limit our spending to avoid diminishing returns
Reduce promotional budget to $1.4 million at 100%
Raise our product and brand awareness
Issue stock to shareholders
Secure short-term business loans
Reduce owner’s equity
Raise stock value
No outstanding loans
Pay dividends to shareholders Low- Tech market as our niche
Maintain a presence in High-Tech
Maintain steady cash flow
Provide quality service and products
Maintain a high level of integrity 2 Low-Tech and 1 High-Tech
Revise our Low-Tech products every 2 years
Produce a new High-Tech every 4 years
Phase in a new Low-Tech from High-Tech every 2 years Maintain marketing strategy
Increase distribution
Increase promotion Increase profits
Lower production costs
Increase capacity
Avoid Loans Increase profits
Build customer loyalty
Increase customer service
Produce quality products
Grow our executive team
Uphold our vission, mission, and values Price for Low-Tech
Performance for High-Tech
Accessibility Sales
Stock Price
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