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Experiments and descriptive statistics in Psychology

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Rio Narazaki

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Experiments and descriptive statistics in Psychology

Mean is an average that is calculated by adding up all the scores in a set and dividing the number of scores.

-mathematical scales
-measurements like
centimeters and liters
-independent groups design
-repeated measures designs
Experimental designs
In experiments, we have to consider about the two variables:
independent variable
dependent variable.
Variables in experiments
An experiment is a research method which measures participants' performance in two or more conditions.
What is experiment?
Experiments and descriptive statistics in Psychology
Independent groups design
It is when different participants are used in each condition in an experiment.
Repeated groups design
It is when the same participants are used in all conditions in an experiment.
Hypothesis is a statement by psychologist as a prediction of what will expected to happen that can be tested. It describes how the independent variable will affect the dependent variable.
Controls in experiments
Controls is a way to keep variables constant in all conditions of an experiment.
Descriptive statistics
There are several ways in which we can collect the data in psychology experiments. It can show:
a typical or average score
how spread out the scores are.
Mode is an average that is the most common score or response in a set.
Median is an average that is the middle number in a set of scores when they are put in order from smallest to largest.

Range is a way to show how spread out a set of results is by looking at the biggest and smallest scores.
2, 5, 20, 3, 64, 7, 9

Bar chart
Bar chart is a graph to separate bars. Usually there is one bar for each condition in an experiment.

Number : 0 1 2 3 4 5
Frequency: 11 20 2 6 5 8

Number : 1 2 3
Frequency: 20 2 6
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