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WiFi-MIMO-Next Generation WiFi

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Jamie Anthony

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of WiFi-MIMO-Next Generation WiFi

Next Generation WiFi
Presented by; Jamie Anthony Citations; Dr. Jacob Sharony WiFi-MIMO MIMO Types of MIMO The Way MIMO Works How WiFi-MIMO Effect Our Everyday Life This Picture Shows How The WiFi MIMO Is Used In Our World WiFi-MIMO MIMO-is an acronmy that symolizes Multiple Input Multiple Output Space Time Transmits Diversity (STTD) - The same data is coded and transmitted through different antennas,which doubles the power in the channel. This improves signal noise ratio (SNR) for celledge performance.

Spatial Multiplexing (SM) - SM delievers parallel streams of data to CPE by exploiting multi-path. It can double the power (2x2 MIMO) or Quadruple (4x4) capacity and throughput. SM gives higher capacity.

Uplink Collaborative MIMO Link - Leverage conventional single power amplifier (PA) at device. Two devices can collaboratively transmitt on the same sub-channel which can also double uplink capacity. Multiple data streams transmitted in one channel at the same time.
First I want you to Picture a bunch of third-graders standing in line for lunch at the school's cafeteria. If everyone is standing in one line, then not a lot of food gets served very quickly; only one person can get lunch at a time. But if the cooks open up two or three serving stations, then all of a sudden, more food can be served at once and the lines dissipate more quickly. This is the same thing that happens on Wi-Fi networks that use MIMO, which use more lines of communication to serve data more quickly. This is a picture of WiFi-MIMO Transmitter it Send signals MIMO is interoperable and can leverage the installed based of 802.1wireless that is already deployed: computers, PDAs, cameras, any type of phone also handheld gaming devices such as Xbox, Wii, Play stations 3 and any online game. The MIMO in Muni Wireless is high capacity (MIMO) cross-links and WiFi access. In urban location these signals bounce off trees buildings, etc. and keep going on their way to their destination. WiFi-MIMO Conclusion; With out WiFi our world would be boring and alot harder it would be like the 20th Century all over again where there was no Wifi.
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